What Direction to Paint a Ceiling & Other Preparation & Painting Strategies for Ceilings in Lompoc, CA

When it comes to painting, the ceiling can be a major challenge. There is a lot more to consider when painting over your head. Paint drips can occur far more often and finding the right angle can be hard as well as so much more. When painting your ceilings it important to have the right strategies. McKay’s Painting will share each step for painting the ceilings in your home or building.

Step 1. Preparation to Paint a Ceiling

When painting the ceiling, preparation is essential. Never rush or skip any steps of the prep. When painting the ceiling, you will first want to clear the space as much as possible. You will need to move a ladder throughout the room or space. Next you will want to cover the floor and any other object in the area with a plastic sheet or painter cloth. Lastly, use masking tape and go around the edges of the wall to protect them from the paint.

Step 2. Professional Painting Strategy

Before you begin painting it is important to have your strategy planned out. When painting a ceiling it is better to paint in smaller sections than to try to paint the entire ceiling at once. First you will need the use of a ladder in most cases, to paint a ceiling. See what distance you can comfortably cover while on the ladder and make each section that size. Painting in 4×4 sections at a time often works best for most people. Next you will want to use a proper roller to paint the ceiling. Never use a roller with a thin nap as they do not hold a lot of paint. Also avoid a think nap as they tend to drip paint and make a mess. Basically, use a middle nap which is one that will hold enough paint for the job but won’t make a big mess.

Step 3. Painting Ceilings

As you will be painting in smaller sections at a time, make sure to cover the ceiling evenly with paint. Do this by applying even pressure. Go in a straight line and slightly overlap each strip. You don’t have to make the line or strips perfectly straight. However, you will want to make sure to overlap as it will prevent marks from showing up. Paint the entire ceiling and if needed, do a second coat of paint repeating the same process. If you’re painting the ceiling for the first time, meaning it is the very first coat of paint ever, you will want to do two coats or more. If the ceiling has been painted in the past and you’re using the same color paint to give the ceiling a fresh coat, you may only need one coat. If the paint looks thin or your can see the under color bleeding through, then make sure to do a second coat.

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Painting a ceiling can be tricky and rather uncomfortable for many. Working on a ladder and overhead can be hard. At times the painting of the ceiling gets put off as it not the most ideal project. However, you can also seek professional painting services to help you. McKay’s Painting provides interior and exterior painting services and much more. To schedule our services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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