What Color to Paint Your Front Door & What Do Red, Blue or Black Doors Say About You in Lompoc, CA

When you are choosing the right paint color for your house or a room it is important to pick one that you love. It is also important to choose a color that you can use to decorate around and will tie all the other colors together. The color that you choose in the house should be a color that you are okay with on a large scale. Where you could use some more fun when choosing the paint color is when you have your front door repainted. The trend is to get rid of that old standard white painted door and going with a paint color that can set you apart from the rest of your neighbors. McKay’s Painting outlines what the color of your front door says about you!

What Does a Red Front Door Mean?

One of the colors you might see more often than other colors is a red door. The red paint that you choose can be bold and bright or it can be a deeper red so it is not as vibrant. The red color has a significant meaning long ago and it said to a weary traveler that this was a place that was open to them. Now if you see a house that has a red door you may not be able to knock and get a room but it has a lot of the same meaning. The red says you are welcoming and warm to anyone that might come along. Your guests will be able to feel that they are welcome to come over and enjoy their stay.

Colonial, Royal & Other Blue Front Door Paint Colors

Another option that you have is to have your door painted blue. Of course there are deep and dark blue that is a big impact and you can even go with a softer blue as well. The blue color is a great paint color for a home that you want to portray that they are peaceful and appreciate the tranquility of the home. They are usually happy when they are home and love the truth of all things. If you want a peaceful feeling as you walk through your front door than a blue door is right for you.

Modern Orange Front Door

If you want to have a door that lets the whole neighborhood know that you are the life of the party and that you are ready to be social than an orange door is it. You can choose from a variety of orange shades to fit one that is best for you. The orange color when it is on your front door can let people know that you are ready to host the next party. It also is a color that is for people that are willing to be challenged in life.

Black Front Door

The other option you have is that you can paint your door black. This is another very popular option for many homes. The black door is a great way to show off some elegance. It also shows that the people that live there are in charge and like to keep the house and their life in order.

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