What Color & Sheen to Paint Brick Fireplace in Moorpark, CA? Whitewashing & More

What Color & Sheen to Paint Brick Fireplace in Moorpark, CA? Whitewashing & More

When your home was built all of the features that were included in it were meticulously chosen by the builder. Many homeowners are not the original homeowners and were not able to be involved in this process. Maybe you were lucky enough to help pick out all of the features of your home but you have grown tired of some of the features that you picked. Fireplaces seem to be one feature in homes that are being redone these days. Are you considering painting your brick fireplace?

Why Paint a Brick Fireplace?

There are many different reasons that people are painting their brick fireplaces. For many people the fireplace is simply outdated. Another reason is that the color of the brick simply just does not go with your d├ęcor. When you look at the different options for how to make the color or style of a brick fireplace painting is the cheapest option out there. Having the brick removed and replaced with something different is an expensive option as are many of the other choices for fireplaces.

Preparing to Paint a Brick Fireplace

Not only is painting your brick fireplace inexpensive it is also relatively simple and easy to do. It only takes some paint and a few tools to get started on the project. You will want to gather a wire brush, vacuum, sponge, degreaser, masonry primer and paint, paint brush, and mini roller. Next you will take the wire brush and clean the brick and the mortar. It is essential that you thoroughly clean the fireplace before painting it. Anything that you do not thoroughly clean can be seen after you paint. Dirty brick can also make the paint have a hard time sticking thoroughly. After you are done cleaning the brick with the wire brush take your vacuum and thoroughly clean the area. You want to take extra time to get all of the dust and debris off so that it does not affect your paint job. Grab your sponge and the degreaser for the next step. You will want to take ample time and clean all of the bricks and the mortar with the sponge and the degreaser. Carefully clean each and every inch of the fireplace. If you do not get it clean your paint could chip or peel.

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

Now you are ready to start painting. Get out your primer first. It is easiest to take a 1 inch flat stiff bristle artist brush to paint the mortar. The mortar is what is in between the bricks. There are lots of cracks and crevices on the mortar so using a brush will help you get all of the areas painted. Once you have done the mortar with primer you will want to use the mini roller to paint the remaining surface of the fireplace. Priming is an extremely important step when you are painting brick. The primer offers adhesion with alkali and efflorescence resistance for brick surfaces. Let the primer dry and then repeat the process with your paint. You will want to take time to apply your paint as evenly as possible. After you get one coat of paint on you may need to do an additional coat if all of the brick is not covered adequately.

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When you are done you can stand back and look at your brand new fireplace. It is amazing what some paint on your brick fireplace can do! If you would like McKays Painting to come over and take care of this project for you give us a call today. We can help you decide what color and sheen would look best in your space.

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