What Color Paint Keeps Your House Cool & Do Dark Colors Make Home Hotter in Simi Valley, CA?

When you live in a hot climate you want to keep the temperature down in your home. Did you know that different colors of paint can help your home stay warmer or colder? This can come into play if you are thinking of repainting your home. So what colors are best and how does it affect the temperature of your home? McKay’s Painting offers helpful insight below.

How Much Does Paint Color Affect Temperature of Home?

You might be surprised how much color can affect your home. If you have a lighter color it can reflect the sun but when you have darker colors it can absorb it. This means that if you have lighter colors in your home it can help keep your house cooler while darker colors can help your home stay warmer. So, depending on where you live you may want to choose either warmer or cooler colors. Yes, an AC or heater can help your home warm up or cool down but having lighter or darker colors can help with the temperature of your home.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Color to Paint Your House?

The best colors to paint your exterior will depend on where you live. If you live in a hotter climate then you will want lighter colors. White and cream colors are some main colors that you will see if you live in a hotter climate. If you live in a colder climate you may see more darker color homes such as grays and blues. But you may also want to consider before repainting your house, do you want to make it look nice with the neighborhood or have it fit your style? There are other colors out there besides whites, grays, and blues. You can always find a variety of lighter or dark colors for your home.

Should I Paint the Inside of My Home Warm or Cool Colors?

Just like the exterior you need to decide if you are trying to keep your house warm or cool for most of the year. Light colors such as white, cream, beige, light blues, and bright colors will lighten up the room and make it feel cooler. If you are looking for a warmer feeling then you need to go with darker colors but you need to be careful when going with dark colors in your home. It can make your home or room feel and look smaller.

Other Ways to Manage Temperature

There are other ways that you can manage the temperature in your home. If you are building a home you can choose materials such as bricks or concrete walls to help your interior be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Bricks and concrete are dense materials so they can help regulate your home’s temperature. But not everyone gets a chance to build their own home. So, if you are already in a home, make sure you put insulation in your walls and roof spacing to help keep your home at a temperature you enjoy.

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When you start to paint your home most of the time the thought “will this color cool my house down?” does not come to mind. But painting your home the light or dark colors can help keep your home the temperature you like. If you are ready to paint the exterior or interior part of your home then give McKay’s Painting a call.

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