What Color & Kind of Paint is Best to Use on a Front Door in Thousand Oaks, CA? Painting With Exterior Acrylic Enamel

The front door to your home can make an impression. If your front door has peeling paint, it can be unsightly to look at and picking the right color will set the tone for the rest of your house. Positive energy with any freshly painted color, whether it’s a vibrant red or a stately blue, will great you each time you come home. You’ll feel the energy each time as the first day it was painted. It doesn’t matter which color you choose, there are steps to take to make sure it’s well taken care of for years to come.

How Often Will You Need to Repaint Your Front Door?

Your front door will need to withstand all the elements from the bright sun and the moisture from rain and snow that can lead to possible wood rot. You will enter your home daily and it will go through wear and tear. Pets and children can be tough on doors too. Over the years, it will need maintenance and should be repainted every seven to ten years. If you happen to be thinking of selling your home, your front door needs to look great. While interior enamel paint is tough and durable, you definitely don’t want to paint your exterior door with it. The good news is that paint is getting better and the newer exterior acrylic enamel paint that is formulated for doors is better than the older enamel paints. They are now more flexible, better at holding color, won’t need to be re-painted as often and contain mildewcides designed to protect your door from the elements. You will need to refinish more often if you have a natural stain or varnish. The more sun a front door gets will also require more painting. The stain will need to be sanded off before its re-stained and re-varnished.

Exterior Paint Preparation & Best Time to Paint

The door should be cleaned with a possible sanding before it’s repainted. Each door is different and will need different prep. If there’s wood damage, it will need to be taken care of beforehand. If there isn’t a lot of prep, you can probably paint a few hours after it’s done. Make sure to pick a day with good weather. Usually the best time to paint doors is in the spring or fall when temperatures are moderate. It’s a good idea to remove all the hardware for a clean finish. The door should stay open so it won’t stick to the weather stripping and allow a few hours to dry. So don’t pick a rainy day to paint.

How to Pick a Front Door Color

One of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make for the exterior of their home in the color of the front door. A splash of color can burst curb appeal and make your front entry more welcoming. Almost any color family can look good if you pick the right hue. It will also depend on the style of door you have as some colors will simply look better on a modern door or a contemporary one. Green houses can look great with an ebony door, a bold red or a crisp white and homes with a stone exterior pair well with a red or green door to add a splash of color to an already neutral palette.

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