What Causes Vinyl Siding to Bubble & Damage in Hidden Hills, CA; How to Fix Warped or Bulging Out Siding & More

If you have siding on the exterior of your home, the last thing you want to see is that is it starting to buckle, bulge or ripple. When you notice these signs of siding damage, it can be alarming to say the least. It is important that you have the necessary repairs made as soon as possible so that you don’t run into even more damage down the road. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about some of the causes of siding damage so that you can hopefully avoid it in the first place.

Warped Siding from Sun

For the most part, vinyl siding is formulated to withstand the heat that is brought on by the sun. The only way that the sun is going to damage to your vinyl siding is if the light is reflected off of energy efficient windows nearby, which is rare. The heat source that usually ends up damaging vinyl siding usually comes from a BBQ grill. Many homeowners have their grills far too close to their home and end up melting their siding with a grill that is too hot or even momentarily catches on fire. You should always cook on a grill that is pulled a safe distance from the house before it is turned on.

Water Damaged Siding

No homeowner wants to struggle with water damage issues. Even through vinyl siding is extremely durable, it can still be susceptible to mold and mildew damage. If you notice that there is mold or mildew growing on your siding, you need to call on professionals to help you remove it as soon as possible and fix any possible leaks that could be causing mold growth.

Siding Damage from House Settling Issues

Dealing with a house that is having settling issues usually happens when you are living in a brand new house. When a home is first built, there can be some settling that happens. This means that there are slight movements in the earth that your home sits on. When your home has significant settling issues, it can cause the siding on your home to buckle and bulge.

Insect Damage to Siding

Termites are usually the culprit when it comes to siding that is damaged due to insect infestation. Termites can cause significant damage to any home that they infest, including siding damage. A way that you can check for termite damage with your siding is to get a screwdriver. As you gently push against your siding, if the screwdriver punctures it easily, you have an insect problem.

Bad Vinyl Siding Installation

It is incredibly important that your siding is installed correctly, just like with everything else. If the siding is nailed too tight or at an angle, it can cause the siding to sustain damage down the road. You shouldn’t be able to move the siding with your hands. The nails should hold it securely in place.

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