What Causes Paint Cracking, Bubbling & Dripping on Interior Walls & How to Fix a Bad Painting Job in Goleta, CA?

The spring weather is a time that people want to make some changes to the house. They usually take on the spring cleaning challenge and go through the house to reduce clutter. This is also a great time to freshen up the house and the look as well. The other thing is that as the weather warms up people are more motivated to get projects done that they might have overlooked through the year. One of the things that many people choose to do is to update the paint in their home. The paint is a great way to update the look of the house and to update the freshness as well. Lots of people want to try and take on their own painting and it can be a mistake. If you do not know what to do and ways to avoid problems you can end up making a big mess. There are some common issues that come up when you paint your own house that can be avoided. McKay’s Painting outlines what might cause your paint to crack, bubble or drip.

What Causes Paint Drips

One of the problems that you will see when you try and paint the walls in your house is dripping. You might feel like you did a great job only to find out that when you come back to see what it looks like you will notice drips that have formed. Most people know that paint can and will drip but what could be causing it when you paint walls in your house. One of the things that you need to work against is gravity. The walls are not a surface that is flat and on the ground. That means that as you apply paint it has to be able to stay put rather than roll down the walls. There are things that you are likely doing that are causing this to happen. The main cause is that you are applying a heavy coat of paint on the wall at one time. The paint will be too heavy to stay and will start to pull down creating dripping marks. The other problem is when you use a roller and you do not clear the sides of the roller off and they drip off.

What Causes Paint Cracking on Interior Walls

Another issue that you might notice is when the paint has been applied to the wall and allowed to dry is some cracking. The paint can have areas that are flaking and cracking and this will require you to have to touch up the paint. The reason that this occurs is from the wall not being prepared or left dirty. If there is a layer of dust or dirt on the wall air can be trapped behind the paint. This will cause the paint to crack once it has dried. The same can happen when the wall is not prepared and there is damage that has not be fixed. The air behind the paint is what will cause the cracking to occur.

Emulsion Paint Bubbling on Wall

Another problem that you might come across is when the paint bubbles. This is a phenomenon that will occur when you paint a wall and don’t let it dry before you apply the next layer. The paint needs to dry in between so that the moisture is not being trapped between the layers. When moisture is in between the layers it will create bubbles that you will have to have repaired by a professional.

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