What Causes Drywall Damage in Santa Barbara, CA? Water Damage, House Settling & More

What Causes Drywall Damage in Santa Barbara, CA? Water Damage, House Settling & More

It is important for someone to take care of their house. What your home looks like and how you feel while your there can create a suitable environment. You want to be sure that you take time to update and repair areas of your house that might be in need of work. This can be updating your appliances or furniture. It can also be updating the paint color on your walls or the trim. These can make a large impact on the house when you make these changes. The problem that you might find when you choose to have your home painted is that the drywall may need repair first. If you don’t have a nice clean solid surface to paint the outcome will not be what you want. That is why it is important to take time to repair any damage whether it is large or small on the drywall. There are many reasons that your drywall can become damaged.

McKay’s Painting Lists Some of the Ways Drywall Can Get Holes, Crack, Dents or Other Damage

Normal Drywall Wear & Tear: One of the most common ways that your drywall can be damaged is from your daily every day life. You might be moving a piece of furniture into a room where you hit a wall. This can leave a dent, ding or hole in the wall. Another way that your drywall can be damaged is simply hanging your favorite painting or a set of shelves. These will require you to drill or nail a hole in the wall to hang it. When you choose to rearrange these items the holes will still be there. Lastly a little bit of rough playing can end with a hole in the wall. These are all reasons that your wall may need to have a drywall patch. You want to make sure that these problems are repaired before you have your walls paint touched up or repainted.
Drywall Water Damage: Another reason that people will need to have their drywall repaired is when they have been the victim of water damage. There can be a large storm that floods your home or a leak in the roof or a pipe that has burst. These are all common ways that a home can be flooded and the drywall might be damaged. If your drywall has been damaged from water you want to have it removed right away. The moisture will allow things such mold and mildew to grow. These are growths that are bad for your health and can end up making you sick. The drywall that have become wet will be taken out so that once the area has been dried out new drywall can be put back up.
Drywall Cracks from House Settling Foundation Problems: Another less common problem that people have is with their foundation. This does not mean that it won’t happen so knowing what to look for is a good idea. You may start to notice that you have running cracks in the interior and even exterior walls. The cracks can start small and slowly increase as the foundation settles. This may be a sign that there is a problem with the foundation that needs repaired along with the drywall cracks.
Other Damage to Drywall: From popping nails and loosened joint tape to dented corner bead and impact from accidents; there are many ways drywall can be damaged. The good news is that it can always be repaired or replaced.

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