What are the Rules of Painting & What Should You Not Do when Applying Paint in Newbury Park, CA?

A paint job can revamp your home and give it an instant facelift. Though if you decide to take on this task, you don’t want to dive in head first without proper preparation and strategy. There is more than you think when it comes to preparing. Planning the project and executing the pre-painting chores often takes longer than the painting itself. Today McKay’s Painting will briefly touch on the dos and don’ts to DYI painting.

What are the Rules of Painting?

– If you are uncertain of the shade you want to paint each wall, buy a quart of paint of the color you think you want. Paint a foam board and hold it up to the wall in different light to see if it’s worth committing to. Once satisfied, then buy the appropriate quantity.
– Prep work. Be sure to strip the walls of art work and shelves, and make them bare. Push as much furniture as you can out of the room or at least away from the walls into the center. Wipe down the walls to remove dust and spots. Tape the edges and moldings. Cover floors with drop cloths and plastic sheets.
– Remove hardware. This includes: switch plates, doorknobs, curtain hardware, etc and place them together in a bag.
– Retrieve all equipment needed and keep it on a plastic sheet to create your painting station. Paint, trays, brushes, rollers, extensions, painter’s tape, ladders, painting stir sticks, rags, paint thinner, paint can opener, screwdrivers, hammers, and thing you are partial to for your painting task. There is no such thing as over-prepared.
– If you are choosing to try out some unique painting patterns, make certain you have gathered the useful tools and have everything you need for the room you are about to tackle.
– Invest in a high quality painting tray and line it with disposable liners.
– Wear your rags. Never a good idea to wear your nicer clothes and risk getting paint on them.
– If you are going from one extreme color to another, prime your walls.
– Keep extra paint on hand for touch-ups. Inexpensive foam or painter’s brushes come in handy for quick fixes.

What Should You Not Do when Painting?

– Don’t rush your project. Plan enough time and take your time. Expect to take the whole day to avoid the scramble. By taking your time and working at a slower place, your paint job will look better and less mistakes and messes will be averted.
– Painting out of order will cause chaos. Start with the ceiling, walls, door, floor boards, and floor if your are painting the entire room.
– Don’t paint over wallpaper. Remove as much wallpaper as possible. If the wallpaper is stubborn and you have tried a few methods, sand away any frayed edges and prime.
-Escape the enclosed room. Don’t shut the doors. Opening all your windows and doors will promote good ventilation.
– Don’t make light of time invested. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for walls to dry before putting the furniture back and your hardware installed, and your art work hung. Allow 30 days to cure before wiping or cleaning walls.
– Don’t neglect your brushes and rollers if you plan to re-use them again. Clean them as soon as possible to keep them usable.
– Don’t dispose of your paint unsafely. If you choose to not hold on to your paint, make sure they are discarded correctly.
– Don’t attempt to replace the lid until the rim has been wiped cleaned. Hammer down the lid with a rag placed on top so splatters are instantly contained.

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Painting your home can be fun and excited, but also exhausting and hard work. If your heart is set on having new painted walls, but don’t have the time or physical ability, hire a pro from McKay’s Painting. Having your paint job completed by an experienced professional will make your walls stand out even more. Call us today!

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