Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom & Other Interior Walls With Paint in Santa Barbara, CA; Painting Horizontal or Vertical Stripes & More

Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom & Other Interior Walls With Paint in Santa Barbara, CA; Painting Horizontal or Vertical Stripes & More

When you are ready to update the look of the inside of your home, paint is a great way to do that. The standard look of paint is you choose a color that you want and have your walls painted that color. You then touch up the trim and ceiling with white and there you go. Although this is a great way to paint the interior of your home there is more you can do. More people are choosing to show off their creativity and modern look with some different techniques. You can do more of a subtle look or be bold whatever you choose. The look of the rooms in your home can be unique to that room and fit that person that lives there. Now you need to know more about ways paint can make a statement in your home.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways Interior Paint Can Be Used to Decorate the Rooms in Your Home

Painting Horizontal & Vertical Stripes on Walls: You may not want to go with stripes all over the room since it may become too much like a circus tent but one accent wall is a great idea. You want to look for a color that is neutral and will complement the colors of the stripes. Paint the room that particular color then start with the striping. They need to be done in layers so that there is no peeling. Each color is marked and taped off before the paint is applied. Once you have done one color you allow it to dry and start with the second color. These colors can be bold and fun or even a subtle difference between them. This is where your own style comes into play. The stripes add a focal point to the room.
Paint Two Tone Walls: If you want to show off some sophistication to a room using two tones is a great way to accomplish that. You can choose two colors that are in the same family or that complement each other. The best way to do a two tone wall is to add a chair rail to the room. The chair rail is added to the room at about the level a chair being pulled out would hit. You can paint the bottom half of the wall one color and the top the other. To step up the two tone the lower level can have some texture, wallpaper or stenciling too.
Modern Wall Stencil Patterns: Using stencils to pattern a wall and show off some unique design is all the rage. The base color will be laid down first with a secondary color chosen for the stencil. The stencil can be bold or subtle whatever you choose. The stencil should be done by a professional because even the smallest error can make a big difference to the final product. You can stencil a whole wall or go with some accented areas instead. The pattern that you choose is endless and usually there are many to choose from.

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