Water Damage Restoration Do’s & Don’ts in Santa Barbara, CA; Replacing Drywall & More

Water Damage Restoration Do’s & Don’ts in Santa Barbara, CA; Replacing Drywall & More

Water damage can happen at any time and most of it happens through accidents in the home, not from the weather. Water that causes damage can be clean or polluted, depending on the source. To protect your health and safety, it’s important to know the source of the damage when you take any steps to clean it up.

Water Damage Disaster

Water leaks can result in clean water damage, but it can also cause chemical and biological pollution. Proper cleanup and remediation are necessary regardless of what caused the leak, otherwise, the water damage can turn into mold or rot. What cause water damage in a home can be caused by hot water heaters, washing machines, shower pans and clogged plumbing. There are leaks that are easy to spot right away, while others are slow and can lead to infestation of mold. The Environmental Protection Agency warns that mold growth can start within 48 hours even if the materials are dried. Water damage needs to be taken care or as soon as possible. The damage can be devastating if it’s not taken care of right away. There are things you can do as a homeowner that will help and others that can cause more damage.

Do’s of Emergency Water Damage Restoration

This first priority is to stop the source of the leak, if you can. Then you need to remove as much of the water as you can by mopping and blotting the affected area. Wipe down any furniture affected by the water and place aluminum foil between wet carpet and legs of furniture. Air out furniture cushions and lift drapes off the floor. Remove area rugs and other items that have become wet. If it’s warm out, turn the air conditioner on and open doors and windows for maximum ventilation. Use fans and dehumidifiers.

Don’ts of Water Damage Restoration

Do not use your vacuum cleaner to remove excess water. Do not use electrical appliances if you are standing on wet surfaces. Using them can damage them and pose a shock hazard. Do not try and cleanup water that has been contaminated by sewer water. Do not use newspaper on surfaces that are wet because the ink can transfer. Do not lift carpet that is tacked down without the help of professionals. Do not go into areas of the home that have sagging ceilings. Do not wait to call in the professionals because waiting will just lead to more damage. Flood water carries harmful bacteria and microbes with it. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can’t. That’s why it’s important to leave the clean up to professionals.

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After you have cleaned up the water and dried all of the wet surfaces, it’s likely you’ll need to replace drywall. McKay’s Painting can not only replace your damaged drywall, but we can mud, texture and paint it as well. Contact us for all your painting related needs.

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