Value of Painting Inside of House Before Selling in Buellton, CA; Things to Know & More

Are you considering putting your home up foe sale? When selling your home one of the most affordable ways to get your home looking fresh and new to help draw in more buyers is by repainting your home. However, do you need to repaint the entire home? Not always there are some key rooms you may want to repaint and as if the rest of the home walls look good you can for go a repaint of just certain areas. McKay’s Painting will share which rooms in your home you should consider repainting and even leave some suggestions to help you sell your home.

Painting Inside of House to Sell

When you are preparing to sell your home, often you look around and see what improvements you can make to sell your home quickly and hopefully for more money. There is a lot to selling a home and repainting is a quick way to make your home more attractive. Where many buyers will most likely repaint the wall themselves to fit their own personality. However, sometimes your walls may need a little work to help improve the home’s appearance or use more attractive colors. If your home colors are a little out of date or you have a lot of bright or bold color in your home you may want to repaint the walls a more neutral colors. Neutral doesn’t mean white. White is very boring and makes a home feel empty, instead you will want to use color but more softer and natural color to give your home personality.

Things to Know Before Painting Your Home when Selling

There is a lot to be said about painting color trends and how they can help you sell your home. The top color trends are the color or hue that many people are picking for their home, everyone is seeing and loving certain colors. When determining what color to use in your home sometimes it helps to see what are the top trends and for what rooms. When determining which rooms to repaint, here are the one buyers often look at and what colors that attract buyers more.
Kitchen: Many people when buying home want to see the kitchen, it is said the kitchen is the heart of the home. You will want to kitchen to look clean but colorful filled with personality. Some of the top colors to repaint a kitchen are teal, greens, dark blues and even orange hues. When looking into top trend for kitchen you will often see these color used. However, make sure to pick a color that goes well with your other kitchen features such as cabinets, appliances, and floor.
Dining Room: Another areas that many buyer look at is the dinning room. If the dinning area or room is separate from the kitchen make sure to repaint the dinning room. If the dinning is connected to the kitchen you can repaint the dinning room the same color. If it is separate many people are loving a deep burgundy color.
Living Room: Another place where the family and their friends spend a lot of their time is in the living room. They living room you will want a calm atmosphere where buy can see themselves relaxing. Grays is a very popular color for living rooms. However, if you want to have a more fun living room feel go with yellow, oranges or red hues.
Bathrooms: Bathrooms have a major impact on buyers. Buyers want a bathroom to feel clean and open. Blues and green hues are some of the best color for bathrooms. In smaller bathroom make sure to use light greens and blues to help make the bathroom feel open and still clean. Again like the kitchen pick a color that works well with the other features in the bathroom such as vanities, cabinets and hardware.

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