Using Dark Wall Paint as an Accent or Primary Hue in Isla Vista, CA? Tips & Ideas for Painting a Room Black

Using Dark Wall Paint as an Accent or Primary Hue in Isla Vista, CA? Tips & Ideas for Painting a Room Black

Generally, when it comes to painting homes and business interiors, people have a tendency to play it safe. Sticking with varying degrees of white and lighter tones that we all know maximizes the space, reflects the light, and induces feelings of welcoming. We often find creativity with grays and pale colors and so forth, but what people shy away from is the dark colors, especially black despite that people a drawn to the sophistication and beauty it has to offer. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some tips and advice on painting the interior with black.

Black Wall Paint Ideas

Using black for the interior of any home or business should be mixed within a color scheme and not solely used. Too much black is harsh on the eyes and never stimulates the senses positively. Consider where you want to use the black such as the primary color, trim work, and accent colors are all options. Also keep in mind which colors you will want to utilize in the scheme; gray and white are ideal choices. However, no matter how you opt to use black overall consider the applications of the following:
1) Black Accent Color: If you are not ready to take the plunge, and paint black for the primary color, but simply adore black, use it as an accent color on a single wall. Using it to make a bold statement in your color scheme will also help you discover if you like it well enough to eventually use black as a primary color.
2) Balance Accessories with Black Paint: Black needs contrast. Like any dark color, without the contrast, the room is enveloped in a monochromatic nighttime. Vanilla, creams, and other such whites tend to be the natural choice, but the options are truly endless when deciding the colors for accessories.
3) Paint Sheen. Flat paint is easily handled when it comes to touchups and is super simple to apply, but it is not known for its durability and does not reflect any light. Opting for high-gloss paint requires extensive prep work, but the end result is a stunning liquid finish, but the sheen is equally important.
4) Light Availability: Black absorbs light, naturally making a room feel more closed and dark. Black will make it feel like an enclosed box, but black is used in an illuminated room and has the potential to create a classy, cozy charm, whereas in a small room that has little natural light.
5) Emphasis: Every other detail pops out when dealing with black paint. Black also compliments natural wood as well as contrasting colors, particularly white, which is always stunning too. Just keep that in mind when deciding where all the focus should be.
6) Bend the Rules: Most experts agree that dark rooms in a small space should be avoided, back to the boxed in feel. The hallway or bathroom dark colors we tend to shy away from can be unique and gorgeous when used in conjunction with contrasting colors.

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The black is fun and when used right, can be extremely gorgeous. If you want help getting your home or business painted in black, call McKay’s Painting and let our experts help you.

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