Uses for Extra, Leftover Paint in Summerland, CA; Painting Wood Furniture, Inside Cabinets & More

Uses for Extra, Leftover Paint in Summerland, CA; Painting Wood Furniture, Inside Cabinets & More

After a major repainting project often you’re left with excess paint. Where some might want to store leftovers for future touch ups, others don’t have the room or desire to keep the excess paint. For some, proper disposal is the only thought. However, before throwing away the paint you bought, McKay’s Painting has a few suggestions on what you can do with your leftover paint.

What to Do with Leftover Paint

Furniture – You may have some worn down or old furniture in need of some renewing. Especially if the furniture piece is inside the room that was just repainted, one great way of bringing your furniture to flow with the color scheme of the room is to repaint the piece with the left over paint. End tables, coffee tables, and shelving look great painted and integrated with left over paint. You may even want to consider buying enough paint to paint your old, worn furniture to match the color of the room.
Décor – Another great use for left over paint, especially if there isn’t a lot left over, is to paint décor items. Picture frames, lamps, vases, and other small décor items inside the room can be painted. You can get pretty creative when painting decorative items so it will match the rest of the room harmoniously.
Interior Storage Cabinets – Some great uses for leftover paint is to paint storage areas and cabinets. However, you don’t want to paint the exterior because too much of the same color could make it too bland. Instead, use the leftover paint to paint the inside cabinet and other storage areas to give them a clean, fresh look that flows with the rest of the room color and design.
Kids Crafts – Moms are always looking for little craft projects to entertain their kids. One project is to make hand and foot prints of your children. Hand prints are a fun activity and at the same time moms will love to decorate rooms and halls with the foot prints. Imagine using an accent color for the frame with the color prints to match the wall. This looks great when using the same color. However don’t over expose your kids to paint. Some of the chemicals can become harmful through extended exposure. Keep the arts and crafts to a minimum when using interior paint.
Electronics – There are homes where there are electrical equipment–namely speakers or security equipment–spread throughout the home. Sometimes they can ruin the look of your home and is distracting to the eye. When you have leftover paint, you can paint the speaker case or security sensors that are found throughout your home to help blend them with the rest of wall. Make sure when you paint these items that you don’t impede on the device’s functions. Just paint the outer shell.
Storing Paint – If you’ve run out of ways to use leftover paint, or you want to store some for later touch up, you can store it in a variety of ways. One is to use the original can it came in. However, if you do this, make sure to seal the can tightly. When storing it on the shelf, store it upside down, the paint will create a natural seal and will prevent the paint from drying out. If there is not a lot of paint left over, and you don’t want to waste space, use a fruit jar. Use plastic wrap on the top before twisting the lid shut. This will help seal the top better.

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