Types of House Paint & Their Uses in Ojai, CA; Oil & Latex Finishes from Flat to High Gloss

Our nation’s #1 home improvement project happens to be our favorite subject… PAINTING!! You can change the whole look of your home just by adding some paint to it. Outdated furniture? No problem! Just add paint! Have you ever gone to your neighborhood home improvement store and looked at all the options of paint you had to choose from? The color selections are never-ending, and on top of that there are different finishes and types of paint in each color to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming to make the right choice when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. McKay’s Painting would like to explain the differences and benefits of each type of paint to make these choices a little easier.

Differences in Oil Based & Latex Based Paints?

Oil based paints are the most durable of the paint choices. Oil-based paints are made with natural or synthetic oils. Synthetic oil-based paints are the most common because they are more cost-effective and is the tougher of the two options. Great for houses that need to have walls cleaned often. Oil-based paints are great for baseboards and trim because it takes abuse well and holds up against time. The downside is that the paint clean-up can be tricky and requires turpentine or paint thinner to remove it. It can also be a little bit trickier to work with as opposed to latex paints and requires a bit more dry time. Latex based paints are easy to work with and will dry relatively quickly. It is not as durable as its counterpart but works great as a general paint for ceilings and walls!

Paint Finishes from Flat to High Gloss

Flat paints– Has no shine. Hides flaws well and is more forgiving against painting flaws. Not easily washable.
Eggshell– Has a nice, soft finish and works well in households that will require a bit of washing from time to time.
Satin/Semigloss– Great for busy households and are great for frequent washing. Finish comes out slightly shinier than eggshell.
High Gloss– Just about the easiest to maintain and easy to wash stains off of. Has a beautiful high shine but will show painting errors and wear imperfections.

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When considering which paint will be right for your house, keep in mind that washable and scrubbable paints are very different. Washable paints should only be cleaned with a soft damp sponge and a gentle rub. Scrubbable paints can be washed with a brush and will hold up fine. Some paints contain enamel which will harden the surface it goes on and make it less porous. Always start your painting projects with properly prepped paint spaces and when using a primer remember that oil-based primers go with oil-based paints, while latex-base primers go with latex-based paints. When it comes to paint, you get what you pay for, paints range anywhere from about $8 a gallon to $30-plus per gallon. The quality will show in the price you pay for your paint. Always choose the best quality paint that you can afford and don’t skimp on quality if at all possible. McKay’s Painting can make this process super simple for you and handle the hard work for you. Just give us a call today and book your paint day!

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