Tips on Painting Exterior Fences in Fillmore, CA; How to Prepare Fence, Choosing Ideal Paint & More

With spring in the air, a lot of folks are preparing their list for spring cleaning and maintenance. For people that have wooden fences surrounding the perimeter of their property, or other such fences within their yards, maintain those fences should be put on the “to do” list. Fence painting can be a tedious task, but something that should be done every 2-3 years or sooner if the need arises. Not only does a fresh, meticulous paint job make your home more esthetically pleasing, but it also provides protection from the sun’s harsh rays, and extreme weather conditions. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to relate some tips on getting that fence painted.

How Do You Prepare a Fence for Painting?

Too many like to skip this step, in many chores. But to make the job go smoothly, and for efficiency, take the time to do the prep work. Protecting the surrounding elements and getting the wood ready for a paint job is critical for a beautiful paint job.
– Hedge the fence line. Remove all weeds, trim the grass short, and use your weed whacker to reach the areas your lawn mower can’t. Make sure all vegetation, grass, shrubs and trees are cleared from the area. Using a leaf blower, remove all remaining loose clipping and debris, and dispose of it accordingly.
– Prepare a work station, using a plastic sheet or something similar, spread out your supplies near the section of fencing you are working on. You want it to be large enough, and close enough to collect any dripping or other wet paint affiliated messes.
– If you are repainting a previously treated fence, go through and scrape away any paint that is flaking, peeling or lifting. Sand down the fence for optimal results.
– If treating a new face, invest in a power washing after you have sanded the wood down. It will help paint adhere to the surface.
– For iron or metal fences, be sure to remove rust with a steel brush, and sand the remaining surface.
– Wipe away any sanding reside.
– Tape and seal away parts of the fence you do not wish to pain, like the hardware or decorative ornaments, and latches.

What Paint Should I Use on My Fence?

Aside from deciding on the right shade to paint the fence, you need to make sure the paint is right for your normal climate conditions, and that it is exterior paint. There is an assortment of paints to choose from. Acrylic paint or stain, oil-based outdoor paint, enamels, automotive epoxy paint, and there is a variety of finishes for those that prefer the natural wood look, but still needs to provide protection.

Choose Ideal Temperature & Humidity for Exterior Painting

Check the weather forecast. This kind of project needs favorable conditions for a superior result. Avoid days where there is rain in the near future. A day with high wind gusts should be skipped in favor of a mild wind, but with ample cloud cover. Winds can flake on dirt and debris, and too much sun can dry the paint too quickly, making lines obvious.

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