Tips for Prepping & Painting a Kitchen, Bathroom or other Thousand Oaks CA Home Remodel

There are several circumstances when you simply need to remodel your home. Perhaps your family is outgrowing it and you need additional living space, maybe the kids have moved out and it’s a great time for a man cave or movie theater room you’ve always wanted or perchance your kitchen is outdated or you have aging in place concerns and need to upgrade your bathroom. It can be an exciting quest, filled with adventure and fun. On the other hand, it could also be overwhelming and chaotic. With an assortment of decisions and arrangements to be made such as paint colors and finishes; achieving the new remodel can be quite daunting. McKay’s Painting have assembled a few helpful tips to get your home makeover under way.

What Things Should I Consider While Painting My Home?

1. Plan ahead. When you plan ahead, delays are prevented, budget is closely estimated, and the process is a lot easier to work through. Knowing the materials and paint colors you are desiring can help the construction and makeover go smoothly. Budgeting everything you have in mind, and a little extra for contingency, is the best way to assure you don’t go overboard on spending, or get off track with your vision. Proper planning during the construction phase is key. Keeping pets and children in a less chaotic environment is optimal. Newly applied drywall texture and freshly painted surfaces should not be touched, particularly by curious little fingers and excited pet tails. Living conditions are more comfortable if living elsewhere is affordable. If it is not, making the necessary adjustments can make the remodeling a bit more bearable.
2. House Paint Longevity. With all your remodeling decisions, keep in mind the long term commitment. Consider maintenance and cleaning over the years to come to understand the commitment and diligence needed. For example a wall painted with gloss or satin paint finish is easier to wipe spills and splashes than a more unforgiving flat paint finish.
3. Realistic Remodel Expectations. When the remodeling gets under way, remember delays, snags and a few dilemmas are part of the project. Already having the mind set of possibilities going wrong will help you better deal with them as they come up. Remember, there are human beings doing the work, and miscommunication or mistakes can happen. When choosing paint colors, it’s a smart idea to test swatches on the walls you wanted painted first. Paint colors often look different in your home’s lighting than at a store or friend’s home. With unreasonable expectations, your remodel will become a nightmare. Just keep in mind your professionals want to make you, their customer happy, for future projects and a good reference.
4. Pack it Up. If there is stuff you can live without for the duration of the remodel, pack it up. Valuables and odds and ends should be safely tucked away. A remodel means temporarily cutting down on some livable space and allowing the crew a place to work. Reducing the clutter can be a big help on both ends. Putting the valuables away guarantees their safety. In a construction zone, paint spills can occur and accidents can happen. Avoiding a catastrophe with a priceless family heirloom is best achieved by storing the treasures somewhere safe until the remodel is complete.
5. Construction Communication. During the consulting and planning process, always express your opinions and wants. Your hired professional cannot read minds and it’s important to express your ideas. For options and paint color advice, you can always ask the professional their thoughts and recommendations.

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