Tips for Painting with Bright Colors in Ventura, CA; How to Tone Down, Test Paint First & More

McKay’s Painting offers a number of painting related services for homes and businesses in an effort to help clients get the color composition around them in the most effective manner. Painting with bright colors can be a challenge because too much can be hard on the eyes. Considering that most Americans in the 1800s only painted their walls white, the wealthy people were the only ones who indulged in colors, as colored paint was an expensive luxury. But modernly speaking, color is readily available and the multitude of schemes, people can bring any room to life.

Goal of Changing Interior Paint Colors

When people change the colors, the goal is to establish a new look. Most resist the safe neutral palettes to add personality and flare to the space. Strong colors can be easily misused, as not all of them are stimulating to the senses. Finding contrast with balance can harmonize the strong colors; for example mahogany furnishings paired with the deep forest-green walls well blend beautifully and still make people feel comfortable in the atmosphere.

How Do You Tone Down Bright Paint Colors?

Neutral furniture is emphasized with the deep red walls that do more than add color; it controls the brightness of the surroundings. Consider when working with the bright colors, that the darker they are the more a room will recede. A large room will draw the walls in, so dark is a better color for trim or accents. Sunshiny-bright yellow can be tricky to not overpower a room. With the right applications of floral prints on the upholstery, curtains, or accessories, the bright yellow can be notched back a bit. When you opt to incorporate bright colors into your home, you do not have to commit to painting the walls intense shades throughout the room in one color, which would be too much. To create a theatrical backdrop for favorite pieces, for example, you paint the various colors found in furniture behind a wall of bookshelves.

Test Paint on Walls Before Painting

Whenever you have doubt concerning a color or colors, do not limit your perceptive to a small color chip. Instead, buy the smallest containers of the optimal colors and paint large pieces of cardboard to prop in the room. Be sure to pose it in different applications according to light, fixtures, windows, and so on to give you a better idea of how it will look.

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Painting your home or business in bright colors is a difficult feat and with the specialists of McKay’s Painting, you can get the look you are looking for with crisp clean lines and smooth coverage. Call us today to get started!

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