Tips for Painting the Exterior of Your New Cuyama, CA House; Choosing Paint Colors & More

Are you ready to give the exterior of your home a facelift? The best way you can give the outside of your home a new look is to repaint it. Many people get overwhelmed when they think about all of the work that it will take to paint the exterior of your home. For this reason, McKay’s Painting paints tons of homes each year. There are many different tips things that we do to make sure that we get your house looking fabulous!

Use Quality Paint & Primer

The first thing that we do is make sure that we always work use top quality paint and primer. If you use paint that is not good quality you will end up with a paint job that has flaws. When it comes to exterior paint you definitely get what you pay for. We promise that you will not be sad you went with a high-quality paint.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

After you have picked a paint brand you can start looking at exterior paint colors. You will want to really think about what kind of statement you want your home to make as you pick your colors. This is something that you do not want to rush into. You will likely not paint the exterior of your home again for years so you want to love the colors you pick. Do not forget to pick a color for the house as well as any architectural features of your house that you want to paint a different color. You will also need to select a color for the trim and the garage door.

Exterior Painting Preparation Tips

Once you have picked out your paint your home will need to be carefully prepped. If we apply your paint onto a dirty house it will not go on smoothly. We take the time to pressure wash your house to get it nice and clean. Sometimes we have to work hard to get off different stains and dirt off your home. We always make sure that your home if completely prepped before we start.

Use Enough Paint to Cover Surfaces Being Painted!

When the exterior of your home is painted you will only get the look you are hoping for if the paint fully covers your home. Many painters will try and paint your home and complete the project in as few of coats as possible. This can result in areas of your home not fully getting covered by the new paint that you have selected. Here at McKays Painting we make sure that we paint as many coats as needed to help get everything covered nicely.

House Painting Tools & Equipment

One of the perks of hiring a professional painter is that we already have all of the tools needed to complete the job. If you paint your home yourself you will have to purchase everything needed for the project. It always surprises people how much all of that can cost. We always use the best tools out there to help get your house painted the right way.

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