Tips for Painting & Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets in Toro Canyon, CA; Supplies, Best Paint, Preparation & More

There are areas in the house that most people want to remodel and change. One of the things you want to do is to look at ways you can update your kitchen. The kitchen is a place that when you make upgrades will get you the most for your money. One of the areas of the kitchen that you can make some changes to is the cabinets. The cabinets that you have in your kitchen are most likely the same brown cabinets that are common in most homes. There are more and more people that are choosing to paint the cabinets with new colors that give the room a new look and feel. Some of the colors that more people are choosing are white, grey and even black. The process that it takes to paint cabinets can be extensive and can be difficult. It is always best to use a professional to do the work for you. McKay’s Painting outlines what’s involved with painting your kitchen cabinets.

Supplies & Tools Needed to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing you want to take into account is if you have the tools and the equipment that you will need. The work that it takes to paint your cabinets is difficult and has several steps that will all need your attention. You need to have access to tools to remove the hardware and the doors from the cabinets. You also want to make sure you have the tools needed to paint like buckets and brushes. Lastly you will need to have ways to protect areas that are not being painted. You can have drop clothes and tape to use when you are doing the actual painting.

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

You also want to make sure that you take time to choose the right paint for the job. The color is important and you want to make sure that you think about the other aspects of the kitchen such as the floors and the counters. You also need to be sure that you choose a good quality paint and get the right finish for the job.

Preparation for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

When you are ready to paint the cabinets in your kitchen you want to make sure that you are ready to do some major preparation. The first steps that are to be taken will be to remove hardware and have a place to set up your cabinet doors. You also want to make sure that you sand down all aspects of the cabinets to remove sealing and paint. This is what is needed to prepare the surface to accept paint. If you do not do the right preparation the outcome will not be correct.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Once the all the cabinets have been prepared you can start to paint them. This is a process that should be done correctly so that there are not paint brush strokes that show up when the paint has dried. This is why it may be best to use a professional service.

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