Tips for Painting & Decorating with Sky, Light, Dark & Other Shades of Blue in Santa Paula, CA

The color wheel is a useful source to help you find the right color scheme as it identifies what color family interior paint colors belong to and how they relate to each other. The color wheel includes the primary colors, with the exception of white, all colors derive from, which includes blue, yellow and red. With a combination of these three colors, you can create the secondary colors, which are purple, green and orange. When it comes to color, there are some terms frequently used, such as hues, which is the basic color; and tone, that adds more pigment by adding white or black to a color. Value describes white or black amounts in a color, and it ranges from light to dark on the gray scale. And saturation, which references to the strength or weakness in different light, also described in terms of dull or bright. When it comes to working with blue, often used in a bedroom because of the serene, relaxing, calming affects it has on the psyche, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share some tips and suggestions for working blues in your color scheme.

Painting & Decorating with Blue Colors

Your choice of blue, or blues, can be used as a primary color, accent color, or trim work. When it comes to blues, using a bold dark blue and a pale blue can be visually striking. Blues are also gorgeous paired with whites, grays, and even blacks. Remember that your blue does not have to stick to just the walls, but trending currently, people are adding color to the ceiling and doors to make a bold statement without being overwhelmed by color. Keep your creativity in mind and have fun exploring painting with blue.
Soothing and calming blue vibe: Experts suggest using a very pale blue, that is light with subtle gray undertones. Introduce some whites, soft grays, pale pinks and even red to focal points like a nook or accent walls. Metallic accents along with unique, whimsical wall art can bring the look together.
Transitional and timeless painting with blue: With your ideal shade of gray, a classic color scheme that lasts though the years are the light blue-greens complimented by chocolate brown furnishings, flooring and/or trim work.
Warm and cool blue color palette: A periwinkle shade of blue used with burnt orange, bronze, warm brown wood, and sharp shades of black can be visually enticing. If you are drawn to the cool tones, stick with blues, grays, and whites. This will give a fresh new look while staying in the traditional atmosphere.
Blue paint color energy: Where blues are naturally more calming, the rich jewel tones can add some spice and energy. For example, use a pale pistachio green hue to balance out the drama of the depth with a jewel blue.
Cheerful blue: A light shade of blue with green undertones help make the room a little more energized as well and happy. Brighten it up with the chocolate brown applications of trim and/or furniture to maintain a refined and classy feel.
Sweet, sky blue room: Ideally used in powder rooms or the kitchen cabinets, a softer, moodier sky blue offers a calming elegance. Add layers of blue trimmings, and dimension with a tile floor. With a touch of modern luxury, a pendant light fixture completes the look.
Edgy blue options: Rich blue paired with elegant earth tones gives a fresh new, but beautiful presentation. Implement peachy details subtly like in the drapes and mix in some warmer hues with flooring, accent, trim options.

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These are just a few ideas to get your imagination soaring. No matter what color scheme you have in mind, McKay’s Painting is readily available to provide quality painting services to make your project perfect. Contact us today!

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