Tips for Painting Commercial Tenant Retail, Medical & Office Space Construction & Renovation Build Outs in Ventura, CA

Tips for Painting Commercial Tenant Retail, Medical & Office Space Construction & Renovation Build Outs in Ventura, CA

Starting out or relocating your business has many tasks and duties associated with it. One of which is getting a building prepared for your needs. A commercial build out is essential for every business, and getting it done right is a must for productivity and customer retention. At McKay’s Painting, we help many companies get their business commercial build out done custom to their needs and at this time we would like share some tips for the business owner achieving their commercial build out.

Tips for Painting Commercial Construction & Renovation Build Outs

1) Find a reliable painting and remodeling contractor. Your commercial build out is one of the primary foundations to building a successful business and entrusting your livelihood to a contractor is a big step. You need a dependable company who will stay on budget and on target to the finish date. During the consultation you have the opportunity to ask all the questions, hatch out the details of the build out, as well as pinpoint the date your build out needs to be completed. Ask for references and follow up on them. Most contractors prioritize their clients for return business and referrals; thus doing everything in their power to make you satisfied.
2) Budget finances and time. You need to plan an adequate and realistic time frame for your commercial build out. Scheduling a grand opening is essential, but remember even though your contractor is reliable and dependable, doesn’t mean the building material delivery will be, you need to ensure there is room for error and scheduling of inspections as well. The building’s code, guidelines, and restrictions also need to be taken into account. During the consultation, the cost of the various services and products are generally covered, but you want to make certain your budget isn’t over extended.
3) Representing your business colors and design. First impressions are lasting ones, and when it comes to a successful business, presentation goes a long way. From the outside to the interior, your business needs to be unique, pleasing to the eye and still have a flare of your own. The layout should be easy to navigate through with smooth transitions from one subject to another. Whether you are in retail and need massive shelving or a quaint coffee shop where you need space for tables and chairs; expressing what your business is all about is just as important as finding the right balance with the shell.
4) Commercial build out lighting. In your initial build out, try to think ahead with the lighting. Showcasing a monthly special, highlighting the book of the week, or displaying the goodies is all enhanced with the lighting. No matter if you are looking for subtle ambiance or bright spot lights; consider the lighting as you hatch out the details to your commercial build out.
5) Paint colors that affect mood. Different colors subconsciously effect moods and psychology of people. When selecting colors for your color scheme, you want to intrigue your customers with the colors that fit your business, but you also want to include the way the colors will influence your client’s mood; create the perfect harmony. Below is the basic color and mood it manifests to give you an idea.
Blue: Inspires tranquility, loved, acceptance and understanding.
Brown: Promotes the feeling of being grounded and relaxed.
Red: Influences hunger.
Yellow: Enhances memory, increases a sense of joy, and contributes organization and smarts.

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When it comes to color, various combinations can impact the mood and psychology of people. If you are interested in more about that in depth, be sure to bring it up in the consultation and our color consultants and painting specialists will happily elaborate. When it comes time to get your commercial build out complete, contact McKay’s Painting and let us take care of the rest.

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