Things to Know About Drywall in Goleta, CA Such as Different Types, Sizes & Resistance

Things to Know About Drywall in Goleta, CA Such as Different Types, Sizes & Resistance

The way that homes are built have changed a lot over time. One way that houses have become easier and more efficient to build is the plans that allow for them to be put up in a particular order. Each trade takes their turn on the house and when they are complete the next phase may begin. The other way that a home has become easier to build is by the products that are now available. You can go to a home improvement store and pick up what you need to make a house from the ground up which is much better than trying to mill your own products. A game changer in the way that a home is able to come together quickly is the drywall that is used after the house has been framed. The drywall is a way to start to make the house look like a home because it is attached to the walls to close them off and make each space separate. The great thing is that the sheetrock is a lightweight material that can be put up by a professional and if there happens to be any damage it can be repaired.

McKays Painting Outlines Different Types of Drywall

What is Drywall Made of?: If you have ever walked in a home or office building you have walked past Drywall. It is what builders use under the wall texture and paint. The drywall is actually something that is called several other names such as sheetrock, wall board, gypsum panel and plasterboard. The drywall is made from a gypsum material that is then pressed into plaster that is in a particular size and thickness. Then it is covered with a thick paper that is attached to the pressed gypsum. The pieces are often sold in sheets at a home improvement store and comes most often in sheets that are four feet by eight feet.
Drywall Sizes Chart: When you are looking to cover a space with drywall you need to make sure that you get the size that is appropriate for the space. Most of the sheets come in a standard size which is four feet by eight feet but you can get them larger if you need to. The most logical way to purchase sheets is to get them so that you have the least amount of seams throughout the room. You also want to choose a thickness. The most common are either one half inch or three quarters inch.
Drywall Moisture, Fire & Abuse Resistance: There are also several options when you purchase drywall depending in the resistance that you want. The resistance that you choose will be something that you go with depending on the room and the structure. You can find it in moisture, fire and abuse resistant materials.

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