Spring Paint Colors 2018 in Camarillo, CA; Bright or Pastel Color Schemes for Different Ages

Spring Paint Colors 2018 in Camarillo, CA; Bright or Pastel Color Schemes for Different Ages

Along with the traditional annual cleanup, ponder a spring spruce up with some new color combos. The typical vanilla paint schemes are designed to be neutral and generally make a home more sell-able without imposing the tastes of the contractor. But if you’ve decided to settle for awhile you likely want something, well something that is more you than just plain off-white!

Psychological Effects of Bright Colors

Color combos, or color choice can affect mood. Bright colors work well in a child’s or infants room as the colors stimulate visual development. But given the stress that most adults deal with daily they may profit more from a subdued color scheme, more relaxing and less demanding than what bright colors convey.

Pastel Colors Palette

Pastel absorb light, providing a relaxing environment and can stimulate a calm. Light blues and greys. Reds, pinks, yellows and oranges for some will provide the relaxing mood but these colors are the stimulating colors. Beiges, tans, greys, blues and earth tones are more relaxing.

Color Schemes for Different Ages

Color combos can help in generating a positive mood, dark greys, blues and blacks can be depressing for some. The color wheel can help pickup appropriate complimenting or contrasting colors that will provide positive mood enhancement. Age can influence decisions. After a life time of visual stimulation, as we mature, our tastes tend towards the subdued. Younger we crave stimulation and want our surroundings to pump our energy and mental activity.

Room Color Feelings

The subliminal impact of color is striking, and in choosing color we are making judgments that will affect our attitudes and moods. Generally living rooms should be stimulating, while the bedrooms a bit more secluded and subdued.

Colorful VS Monochrome

The human eye has been blessed with the ability to discern over a million different colors, hues, tones and saturations. Color is how we interpret the world around while many of our fellow creatures are consigned to a monochromatic world. Monochrome is great for night vision but being visual creatures, our interpretation of the world is visual and colorful, a survival mechanism.

Decorative Painting Patterns

Given the importance of color and visual context as our primary sense it is important that we surround ourselves with the proper paint and patterns. Patterns? Even using pastels patterns can be visually stimulating. Anything that challenges the mind can be invigorating.

Paint, Stain & Other Treatments

Wainscoting, wall coverings, paint, stains and other treatments, the only limiting factor is your imagination. Blending wall and floor treatments, door trim and ceilings. Stains are revealing in that they bring out the natural beauty of wood, while paint is covering providing visual contrast. With all the choices for floors, walls and ceiling the decorating has an array of options and sometimes we should exercise restraint and subtlety.
But of all the treatments of a homes or office the primary contributor is paint and/or stain. Through the ages nothing has contributed more to the art of decorating as paint. Decorating creates and contributes to our productivity, mental acuity and mood.

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