Signs of Dangerous Deck Structures in Ventura, CA; Fixing Rotting Posts, Termite Damage & More

One of the many benefits that come with living in California is the amount of time you can spend outside year round. When you have a deck on your property, it can afford you countless hours of entertaining and relaxation. When you are spending a good portion of time out on your deck, you want to know that it is a safe place to spend your time. When there are signs that indicate your deck is unsafe, it is important that you recognize them so that you can call on the professional help you need when they are present. McKay’s Painting is here to share some of the signs that indicate your deck isn’t safe.

Deck Post Rotting

While your deck posts should have been secured in concrete when your deck was built, there is a good chance that your deck posts are still making some sort of contact with the ground. There is likely dirt, leaves and other debris that start to accumulate at the base and can cause problems with rotting. When your posts are rotted, they don’t give your deck the support it needs to be a sound structure. If you are dealing with only one or two posts that are rotting, they can usually be replaced without replacing the entire deck. If you have any posts that are rotting at all, it is important that they are replaced so that your deck remains a safe space.

Deck Joist Problems

You should be checking your joists for any signs of weakness fairly regularly. Without solid joists, your deck can be in real danger. You should be checking them for softness. You shouldn’t be able to remove any of the wood with your fingernail, screwdriver or other hard surface. You should also look rusting screws, nails and connections since this is a sign of weakening as well.

Deck Sinking in the Middle

Anytime you notice that there is any sagging in the center of your deck or that the boards tend to have give when you are walking across the deck, it isn’t a good thing. When there is sagging on your deck, it could be caused by rotting posts, joists or deck boards. If you are feeling any sagging or are worried that sagging may be happening, it is best that you have it inspected by professionals to avoid any injury.

Deck Termite Damage

Termites don’t only infest your home, but they will infest your deck as well if they get the chance. If you catch the problem early, you could only find minor repairs. But if you have a mature infestation on your hands, it can get expensive to repair. They are more attracted to wood that has sustained water damage; so that’s just one more reason to keep your deck sealed and protected from water.

Deck Rotting & Termite Repair Services & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

If your deck is damaged by rot or termites, you can count on McKay’s Painting to help you restore your deck to the beautiful, safe place it once was. Call us today!

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