Should I Paint or Replace My Old Kitchen Cabinets in Santa Paula, CA to Increase Home Value & More

If you have oak kitchen cabinets in your house, chances are, you are looking into different options to give your kitchen a facelift. While oak cabinets were great in the 90s, today, many people choose other cabinets for their home and those cabinets from the 90s look outdated. While many people may jump at the chance to replace them, it’s important to realize that you have other options. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about why you should consider painting your oak cabinets rather than replacing them.

Old Cabinet Makeover Gives Kitchen New Life

Many people don’t realize what a big difference painting your cabinets can make in your space. It can completely transform the kitchen or bathroom your cabinets are in. When you paint your cabinets, it instantly brings them up to date and breathes new life into your older, outdated kitchen. Depending on the color you have chosen for your cabinets, it can leave your kitchen looking larger, and brighter.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Increases Home Value

Most people know that the kitchen in your home can make or break the sale of the home. Buyers are looking for kitchens that are updated and fresh. When they walk into a kitchen that still needs to be remodeled, they may decide it’s too much and decide to keep looking. When you have an updated kitchen, you will see the value of your home increase considerably. Not only will it boost your home’s value, but it will also make your home appeal to more buyers and sell much faster.

Restoring Cabinets is Cost Effective

Have you recently priced out replacing your cabinets with new ones? The price can be alarmingly high. When you refinish your current cabinets or choose to have them painted, you will find that it only costs a fraction of the price that replacing them does. Not only that, but you also have to factor in the cost of disposing of the old cabinets and installing new ones. On top of that, you will have to replace the countertops as well. The costs keep adding up when you are looking at replacement. Painting or refinishing your cabinets doesn’t require any of that extra expense.

Painting Cabinets if Faster than Replacing

When you are looking to replace your cabinets, get ready for a long process. You have to choose new cabinets, wait for them to come in and then wait again for them to get installed. It can be a process that takes up to 3 months to accomplish. When you choose to paint or refinish your existing cabinets, you don’t have to wait nearly as long and the process can usually be done within a week’s time.

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If you want to update your kitchen without paying to replace your cabinets, you can call on the painting specialists at McKay’s Painting to paint or refinish them. We will leave you with beautiful, updated cabinets that transforms your kitchen. Call us today!

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