Should I Paint My Ceilings & Walls the Same Color in Fillmore, CA? Painting to Make a Room Look Bigger & More

Many people take the time to coordinate the walls when it comes to the style of your home, along with flooring, accent walls, even the accessories like area rugs, throw pillows and curtains. The majority of homeowners usually play it safe and merely keep the ceiling white while others don’t give it a second thought. Adding a splash of color to the ceiling might be what you need since there many goals painting the ceiling can accomplish. By adding color to your home’s ceiling, we at McKay’s Painting would like to take the opportunity to share a few examples of what this can accomplished.

Painting Techniques to Make a Room Look Bigger

Since it creates the illusion of more space in the room, quite a few experts encourage painting the ceiling. This especially effective in rooms with low ceiling. For an even greater impact, you can paint the walls at least two or three shades lighter than the ceiling in the same color. You can create this affect by painting popular colors such as dark grays, chocolate browns, and dark blues. Some designers suggest a colored ceiling can make a room appear taller, where other say an open room feel cozier and more intimate. To make the space more comfortable, depending on the size, dining room, the living room, or kitchen all can have a darker ceiling. Without changing the square footage, a can of paint can make the room look larger or more intimate.

Ceiling Paint Color Design for Sophistication & Elegance

You want to draw attention to the interesting light fixtures, a fancy chandelier, crown molding, or other features you want to highlight when the home has such interesting features. Drawing attention to the ceiling with a beautiful color is helpful to make the room appear more complete and more intentionally designed. Since color brings the eyes upward, your guests are bound to notice the unique features your home.

Ceiling Color Offers Personality to the Room

Though some neutral colors can appeal to the majority of homebuyers in addition to looking dull and boring. Consider painting the ceiling of a bedroom with a bold shade and select a coordinating accent pieces that create a fun contrast when you desire your home to stand out from the rest. Especially if you plan on being in your home for a long time, you should put your own stamp on it. Let your kids to participate in picking the paint color(s) for their rooms to let the kids to take ownership of their domain.

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As you make it your own, and you improve your home, do not overlook the ceilings. Breathe new life into your home by giving ceilings a bold shade. When you opt to paint the ceiling a color other than white, you can add depth and character to your living spaces that you simply can’t achieve by painting the walls alone. Painting the ceiling can be very cumbersome, no matter the color. Let our certified artisans assist you and call in the professionals of McKay’s Painting today!

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