Should I Have Quietrock Soundproofing Drywall Installed on Walls & Ceilings in Oxnard, CA?

Should I Have Quietrock Soundproofing Drywall Installed on Walls & Ceilings in Oxnard, CA

Do you live in a neighborhood plagued by heavy traffic? Are you looking for a comfortable space within your home to relax reading, listening to music, watching a movie or simply getting a good night’s sleep? If you live in Santa Barbara, California or the surrounding areas, the knowledgeable experts at McKay’s Painting can install a product called sound reduction drywall to effectively block out the noise you don’t want to hear while improving your listening experience inside your home. Does sound reduction drywall really work? The answer is yes. Sound reduction is also referred to as quietrock soundproof drywall. It is a fairly new product which offers many advantages to home and business owners. Although sound reduction drywall costs more than traditional drywall it is well worth the extra expense.

How Does Soundproof Drywall Work to Reduce Sound?

While there is no drywall available on the market that is considered 100% soundproof, noise reduction drywall does exactly what it promises to do, reduces outside and ambient noise. The drywall is designed by combining a special formulation of sound absorbing polymers that are wedged between two regular layers of drywall. The resulting product absorbs the energy found within the sound waves by diminishing the transmission of ambient and outside noise. Soundproof drywall looks and feels the same as regular drywall and can be painted or wallpapered in much the same way.

Advantages of Soundproofing & Sound Insulating Drywall Materials

According to consumer reports, sound reduction drywall has some amazing benefits including its ability to cancel out noise better than eight layers or regular drywall combined. With professional installation by your McKays Painting experts, you will experience the peace and quiet you have always longed for, especially if you decide to upgrade to a premium product, which promises even better results.

Which Areas are Best Suited for Sound Reducing Drywall? Bedrooms, Home Offices, Media Rooms & More

Drywall that blocks sound transmission has hundreds of possible applications that are considered desirable in both a home and commercial setting including:
• Creating a peaceful home office that blocks out the day to day sounds
• Insulate a media room to reduce distracting ambient noise
• Ensure privacy in a medical setting or corporate area
• Provide privacy for guests
• Get a better night’s sleep by reducing sound in your bedroom

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If you are interested in learning more about soundproof drywall installation for your home, office, storefront or other corporate or commercial setting, the professional drywall installation specialists at McKays Painting are available to assist you. We have experience and training with a wide variety of drywall installations and can take care of your project from beginning to end including your interior painting needs. When you work with the experienced professionals at McKays Painting, you can rest easy knowing that your finished product will be completed to perfection. To learn more about professional drywall installation for your Greater Santa Barbara home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at McKays Painting today.

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