Safe, Kid Friendly Paint for Kids & Pets in Ojai, CA; No VOC, Washable & Best Colors

Safe, Kid Friendly Paint for Kids & Pets in Ojai, CA; No VOC, Washable & Best Colors

When planning a painting project many people are concern about their children and/or pets being exposed to toxic paint. Another concern is which paint is best for kids and pets, as in which paint is easier to clean, and maintain. The types of paint and colors can help when it comes to having kids and pets in your home. McKay’s Painting will help answer some of the common questions about which type of paints are safe, and easily maintained for a home with young children and pets.

Non-Toxic Eco Friendly Paint; No or Low VOC

If you have decided it is time to repaint your home and you have pets or young children living with you, it is natural to be concerned over their well-being. When choosing a paint, and you want it to be safe for your kids or pets you will want one that has a low VOC rating, which is a Volatile Organic Compound paint. Most paint has VOC which releases fumes into the air unit it dries. Since your pets can’t tell you when the paint bothers their lungs nor can your infant or young children, it is recommended to use a low VOC paint. Low VOC paints doesn’t emit a lot of odors and it has less fumes that is released into the air.

Washable Paint

If you are looking for a paint that makes cleaning up behind your kids and pets easier, then a semi-gloss finish is recommended. Semi-gloss finishes are easily cleaned and they wipe down without smearing. Areas where there is a lot of activity from kids and pets should always be painted with a semi-gloss paint. Not only is it easier to clean semi-gloss finishes, they also help protect the walls from dirt and even seal out moisture that can occur from spills or rough play time.

Best Paint Color for Children & Pets

It is natural to want non-toxic paint when you undergo a painting project and of course, maintaining clean walls is another major consideration. However, most people never consider how picking the right color can also help make life easier around pets and kids. For example, you may want to avoid white. White walls will clearly show every hand print and dirt from various sources. Textured walls also holds on to the dust and dirt which can be easily seen. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to paint the walls with a brown hue either. However, they do make a good candidate as you will want to consider what color will hold up against the abuse from your kids or pets. Other color recommendations are grays, and yellows which help keep walls looking cleaner.

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When repainting a home that is filled with little ones and pets, consider how to make your life easier for you and safer for them. To help reduce odors from fresh paint you can open windows if there is any additional concerns. When you need help painting your home while you watch over you pets or young children, consider a professional painting service. McKay’s Painting can ensure safe and quality painting services and more. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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