Rules of Thumb for Painting Accent Walls in Newbury Park, CA; Wall Selection, Color Combinations & More

Rules of Thumb for Painting Accent Walls in Newbury Park, CA; Wall Selection, Color Combinations & More

Are you wanting to make a change in your home without having to change the room entirely? Consider having an accent wall painted. Accent walls can be a great addition to a home, but if they aren’t done the right way, they may just stand out and not give the room the look you wanted. The room needs to considered as a whole when deciding to paint an accent wall.

Rules of Thumb for Painting Accent Walls

If you have moved in to a new home that’s painted the flat white wall to wall and ceiling and decide you want to paint just a few walls it will look unfinished or like you didn’t have the money to complete the house. If you have been through a show home or saw something you liked in a magazine you need to realize that the colors all work together for the desired look and go with the décor. Simply adding pops of color on certain walls won’t give you the look you want. Try and think of it as going shopping while wearing your “regular clothes” looking for a “bit of color” by adding a scarf or hat. You wouldn’t do that. You would most likely go shopping to put a whole outfit together. For this reason, all the colors need to go with your décor in the space you’re wanting to paint. If you just pick and choose walls you will end up ignoring the other walls that need to be part of the overall look and if a home isn’t new the walls will have signs of wear and tear. Paying special attention to one wall will leave the others looking even worse.

Which Accent Wall or Walls Should Be Painted?

What’s the best way to decide the wall(s) you want to paint? There are only two reasons that an accent wall should be done. One, the wall should be symmetrical and two, the wall has some architectural detail that would look great if it was highlighted, like a fireplace detail, an art niche or moldings. When you choose a wall to be an accent wall you want to draw people’s attention to it. Walls that are oddly shaped or just a regular wall shouldn’t be accented. You also don’t want to paint a huge wall trying to make it stand out, as it will only do it in a bad way.

Accent Wall Color Combinations

When picking a color for an accent wall you need to look at the other colors that are in the room, from the walls to the décor. Look at the furniture, throw pillows, drapes, rugs, pictures and bedding. Many times, the color you choose should be one that is prominent in other parts of your home. For example, if you have the family room one color you can use that color as an accent in the kitchen or the family room it will bring the rooms together without getting things get too crazy. Refrain from making your accent wall two to three shades away from the main color. This makes it difficult to see the change in color because of light directions and shadows. Choose a color that is different to have an effect.

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Accent walls can cost little money and create interest in a room if done correctly, but it can be tricky to get your desired look. Contact McKay’s Painting for a consultation today.

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