Room Color Psychology in Mission Hills, CA; How Some Paint Colors Affect Your Mood & Make You Happy

When you do any home improvement project, you’re doing it to make your home a place that fosters relation and happiness. If you’ve decided that it’s time to paint your home you look for colors that speak to your personal style, and while the color you choose should do that it’s important to know that the color you decide on will have an impact on your mood. Colors usually produce similar reactions in people. Colors will either give our mood a boost, trigger depressed or aggressive responses or make us feel calm. The emotional responses that people have to color depends on how pure the color is (saturation) and how light a color seems (brightness). You can get the desired reactions you are looking for when you get the right balance of saturation and brightness. For example: you can get an energized feeling when you paint your walls a very saturated, less blue color and a relaxed feeling when you paint your walls a less saturated, bright green color.

Paint Colors that Make You Happy & Energetic

The shade of paint you choose needs to be done wisely because it will affect anyone that spends time in the space. You will generate more positive responses with the following colors.
Cool paint colors like blue and green. Blue is almost always a winner because it is soothing and inviting, making it a good choice for the bedroom. Green is also great at achieving positive emotions. Shades of green can invigorate the senses or be tranquil and relaxing, making it a good choice for an office or crafting room. Shades of green will also work well in the bedroom.
Warm paint colors like yellow and orange/red. Yellow has been proven to stimulate the appetite. It is also a joyful color and a great option for your kitchen. Shades of yellow can bring energy to a room. Orange/red can create a cozy feeling in a room because humans are naturally drawn to warm colors. These shades can be used in any gathering area to make people feel comfortable.
Neutral paint colors like white, black, brown and gray. White is about as neutral as you can get. It’s beautiful and refreshing, but it can be too stark. If it is, it can leave you feeling anxious and uneasy. Try choosing a shade of white that is warm to create a clean and cozy atmosphere. You can go with black but try not to paint the whole room black otherwise you may feel depressed. Black is in the neutral category because it can go with almost anything. Brown can create a feeling of security and being one with nature and grays with warm undertones can liven up a space or create and elegant feeling.

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