How to Restore & Protect Your Old Wood Deck from Sun Damage in Westlake Village, CA; Best Stains & Sealers

How to Restore & Protect Your Old Wood Deck from Sun Damage in Westlake Village, CA; Best Stains & Sealers

There are two major contributing facts when it comes to outdoor elements that destroy wooden decks. One being water damage and the other is sun damage. UV rays beam on decks all year long. It is this damage that McKay’s Painting would like to discuss so the next time your deck needs some restoration or repair, you know how and what you can do to better protect your deck form UV damage.

Structural Deck Maintenance

If your deck is looking old, weathered or weak, it is time to do something about it. To start you will want to do an inspection of your deck’s structure. It is most important thing to check is if the framing and structure of the deck is still sound and intact. Check for any wood that seems softer which is common with UV damage. Other signs of UV damage are discoloration. The wood may begin to look gray, which isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It is also a structural problem. If any framing or deck flooring seems to need to be repaired, now is the time.

Pressure Washing Deck Cleaning

It is common when the time comes to refinish a deck that you will need to first use a pressure washer to prepare the deck for refinishing. Where this is true when wood has been damage by the sun, you must be careful on how much pressure is actually used. One benefit of using a professional to help with your deck restoration is they will know exactly how much pressure will be needed to clean and strip the deck. Additionally a professional will have and know the exact detergents to use that will kill or slow down mold and mildew growth. We can also detect if any water damage might be present. However for the DIY homeowner, if you are going to do your own pressure washing, then always stick with one rule: start with the lowest pressure and water flow and gradually increase the pressure or water flow to find the proper amount to clean the deck correctly.

Best Pressure Treated Wood Deck Sealers & Finishes for UV Protection

For the longevity of your deck, it is important to protect the wood from any further UV damage. You will want to do this before the summer where the UV ray is at its strongest. After you have attended to the deck structure and it has been sanded and washed, you will need to pick the right finish to give your deck the best protection from the UV rays of the sun and especially the summer sun.

Types of Deck Sealers & Stains

Clear/Transparent Deck Stains – These are considered to provide excellent UV protection as well as water resistant. This type of sealer is also mildew resistant. These types of stain are one of the most affordable and easiest to apply. They will last up to two years before you will need to refinish your deck again.
Semi-Transparent Deck Stains – These stains have an even higher UV protection rating. This type of stain protects the wood from UV rays and repels water as well as molds and mildews. There is the added benefit of these types of stain where you can choose from a wide range of colors. This type of finish will protect your deck for two to three years before the need to refinish your deck arrives.
Solid Deck Stains – For top UV protection as well as water, mold and mildew prevention you will want this type of stain. Additionally it will also help retain the color of your wood. You can apply this finish on your entire deck. Solid stains can last for four years before the need to refinish. This type of stain may be more pricey initially but most claim it is a well worth investment.

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Restoring a deck can become a major task to undertake. It is suggested if your deck won’t last another season, now is the time to refinish before the next summer season comes and destroys it even further. McKay’s Painting provides deck restoration and repair services. If you find that you are in need of help in refinishing your deck, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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