Red Paint & Color Theory Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA; Ideas for Dining, Workout Rooms & More

Red Paint & Color Theory Painting in Mussel Shoals, CA; Ideas for Dining, Workout Rooms & More

Red is a beautiful color that can make a room pop with elegance, while at other times it can ruin a room and makes it completely undesirable to be in. Red is an interesting color that can be amazing in one setting and trouble in another. Many interior specialists have their own color theory about reds and have put together a compilation of red in the various rooms of a home or commercial setting. McKay’s Painting would like to share some of the theories about red as well as the best and worst places to use it.

Red Paint in a Business Office or Other Commercial Setting

Red paint in professional or commercial settings, such as offices or meeting rooms, is often painted red. Red is supposed to help create energy and awareness. However, too much red can also provoke anger or aggression in a work environment. If red is to be used in a professional or commercial setting, it is recommended to use red as an accent wall. Avoid too much red or it could affect the mood of the employees.

Red Paint Colors for Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Red color has been known to affect a person’s appetite. This can help aid those that battle with a weight problem or who are trying to lose weight. However, this can also create picky eaters or make picky eaters worse. If red is used in a kitchen, it is recommended to use a light red color, or again, red can make a great accent wall.

Red Living Room Ideas

Red can add a lot of warmth in a room, especially larger rooms like living rooms. Red living rooms can be a big hit. However, some people are sensitive and the color can create certain moods. Red is known to create energy, anger, or aggression. It can also be numbing to some. Red usually works well if you have a strong accent color or duel color going on. Red also works okay in larger rooms. For smaller living rooms, avoid using red or use red as an accent.

Red Children’s Bedroom

Red in a kid’s room never works out well. Most rooms are too small for such a strong color and many claim it is hard to get their kids to bed due the energy of the color. If you want to use red in your kid’s room, avoid using too much. Consider using red for an accent color.

Red Workout Room, Fitness Center & Home Gym

Need a little help getting the blood pumping during your work outs? Then red is your color. Many fitness centers will use red and black a lot because red helps provide energy and determination for those fitness fans. If you have a room dedicated for your workout space, then use red colors.

Red Bathrooms

Many have seen some very elegant red bathrooms. However, in general, most designers will strongly discourage using red in bathrooms. Bathrooms are too small for reds, even for accents. Most will recommend using softer, lighter colors in bathrooms. They feel clean and make the room feel bigger.

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Red is a troublesome color. It either works very well or just seems like trouble. It is recommended that reds make a far better accent color versus a primary color. However, with the right blend of colors and lighting, you can make reds work. If you need help repainting your home or commercial center, then contact McKay’s Painting today!

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