Reasons for Painting Your Storefront Business in Oak Park, CA; Attract Customers & More

The appearance of your business says a lot. Is your business looking like it needs a facelift? A fresh coat of paint can deliver benefits that you never even thought about. But before you pick the first color that speaks to you, or decide to use the same color you’ve had for years, maybe it’s time to discover what the unexpected rewards of painting your business are and how you can maximize them by picking the right color.

Attract Customers to Your Store

Service business owners are always looking for ways to bring in new customers. Keeping your business looking modern conveys that you are ready and open for business. If you show potential customers that you are committed to keeping your business looking great it lets them know you are ready to compete.

Save Money By Painting Exterior to Protect from Elements

Anything that impacts the bottom line of your business is worth looking into, right? Then letting you know that a fresh coat of paint will save you money is something you would like to know. Paint works to protect your building from dirt, moisture and pests. Paint will start to wear away and expose your building to the elements. Keep your paint in good condition and you can keep the damaging signs of wear and tear at bay.

Exterior Paint Increases Property Value

Are you thinking about selling your business? A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to give your business the spark that a potential buyer will appreciate. They may even be willing to pay top dollar. Your newly painted business will be more attractive than others and it shows that you cared about your property. If you are selling, choose a neutral color that will be more appealing to many buyers.

Paint Color Options for Your Logo, Brand & Business

You may be surprised to learn that the color you choose can have a psychological effect on the way your employees and customers will react.
Blue. Blue symbolizes loyalty and trustworthiness and is a very popular color for businesses. Blue also has a calming effect and is pleasing to almost anyone.
Green. Green is associated with all things natural making it a calming and relaxing color to choose. Green is another color that most people like.
Brown. Brown is an earthy tone and is also associated with nature and is appealing to those that prefer simplicity.
Red. Red is a color that conveys passion and energy. However, too much red can be a bad thing because it can be distracting in areas that require concentration.
Yellow. Yellow is a happy color, but many people don’t care for it too much.
Orange. People associate orange with good value and can play well into your sales.
White. White represents cleanliness. Cool whites can feel more formal while warm whites can create a cozy atmosphere. The only problem with white is that too much can lead to boredom due to a lack of stimulation.

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Painting your business can keep you competitive, protects it from the elements, increases property value and makes your business a welcoming place for your customers and employees. Give McKay’s Painting a call to schedule an appointment today!

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