Psychological Effects of Paint Color on Human Behavior, Mood & More in Ventura, CA

Psychological Effects of Paint Color on Human Behavior, Mood & More in Ventura, CA

Choosing the right color scheme for your home can be a real science. Colors affect our moods and can influence our state of mind. Have you ever been in a space that irritated you? What about walking into a building and immediately feeling comfortable though you had never been there before. The colors in these spaces play a vital role in how people respond to the environment around them. Studies have shown that people who look at the color red for a prolonged period of time had increased heart rates which led to an excess in adrenaline being pumped into their blood streams. Warm colors such as red, yellow or orange can ignite a wide range of emotions in various people, from comfortable and warm, to hungry to hostile and angry. While cooler tones such as purple, blues or greens can make one feel calm or even sad. When considering which colors would work best for you and your home, take into consideration what type of tone you would like to set. Certain areas of your home would be better suited in cool tones, while others will benefit from warmer tones. McKay’s Painting has the 411 on the psychology of colors and how they can affect our moods, as well as which colors would work best in each area of your home.

Room Paint Color Psychology; Positive Colors for Bedrooms & More

White– Signifies purity, innocence, cleanliness, neutrality, protection, sense of space. Some people may be hesitant to paint their homes white for fear of it becoming dirty quickly. However, there are many benefits to painting your home white or off-white. White instantly makes your home feel bigger, more open and it presents an instantly cleaner appearance. White is a universal color and can go anywhere in the home. Painting ceilings white even makes them appear to be higher!
Gray– Timeless, practical, neutral, sophisticated, conservative. With multiple shades of gray available on the market today, this is a versatile color and depending on the shade can be considered a warm or cool tone. Pairing a nice shade of gray with a crisp white trim is a great addition to any room in your home to add a calm, neutral vibe to the space.
Yellow– Laughter, optimism, happiness, warmth, cheer, intensity, attention-getting. Kitchens and dining areas benefit from this warm, cheery color. Yellow brightens our mood and can give you a burst of energy. Having a pop of yellow next to the coffee pot in the morning is a great way to get the day started. Yellow captures the essence of sunlight and can leave you feeling lively and joyous.
Green– Natural, growth, cool, health, money, calm, fertility, tranquility, harmony, prosperity. Green is a go to color for an office space. While green is one of the most restful colors for our eyes, studies have shown that the color green can lower stress levels and curb anxiety making this a great addition to any space where concentration is needed. For those who love the outdoors, green also gives off a natural, outdoors vibe.
Blue– Serenity, calmness, truth, loyalty, wisdom. The color blue has been known to lower blood pressure and aid in steadying one’s breathing because of it’s serene nature. Blues are a great addition to rooms where people want to relax and lounge around. Blue comes in many different hues and shades and pairs well with home furnishings. Bedrooms, or living rooms are a great place to apply blue color schemes.

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