Pros of Painting Your Guadalupe, CA Business; Attract New Customers, Increase Property Value & More

There are many instances where business owners or property management decide a fresh coat of paint is a great way to update and refresh the exterior of the building. There are unexpected benefits that many businesses often have with new paint and we at McKay’s Painting would like to share them today.

Exterior Painting to Attract New Customers

Most businesses depend on customers and when you do, you often look for new ways to attract the clients. Updating the building with fresh, vivid and modern colors get attention. Commitment to your building’s maintenance also instills respect as well.

Paint Helps Protect Exterior of House from Elements

Getting a painting service saves money. Paint does not just improve the aesthetics, but it also acts as a protective barrier to prevent dirt, debris, moisture, and pests from damaging the raw materials. As the paint wears, so does the siding for example. Maintaining the paint saves you money from repairs or replacements.

Paint Increases Property Value

If ever you decide to relocate or put the building on the market, offer the building an instant face-lift with an inexpensive painting service. A fresh coat will be attractive to buyers as one less detail they will need to cover as well as offer signs you care and maintain the building. If you do paint for the sellers’ market, be sure to opt for a neutral color.

Paint Boosts Employee Morale & Motivation

Specific colors can influence mood and atmosphere. Below is a basic guide to influence customers and staff.
Blue: As a symbolism for loyalty and trustworthiness, blue is common. It offers calming effects which can help relax employees and guests to your business.
Brown: A neutral, earthy tone, brown is simple, yet comfortable.
Green: Very calming and relaxing, green is associated nature and is appealing to most people.
Orange: Representing energy and vibrancy, orange is frequently associated with a good value. Do not be discouraged to use orange if you sell high-end goods, it can still play a benefit to you.
Pink: As a feminine, calming effect, the lighter pinks tend to promote calmness and tranquility. People are often comfortable in calming places and have a tendency to linger.
Purple: Royalty, luxury as well as influencing creativity and stimulating imagination, purples make an impact.
Red: Conveying passion and energy, red can be exciting, but too much can be a distraction and even induce hostility if it is not used correctly.
White: With a contemporary feel, the white represents cleanliness and sterile. Cooler whites tend to feel more formal where warm whites feel cozy. Too much white can promote boredom.
Yellow: Many people do not care for yellow alone, but it is happy color with optimism. When painting colors with yellow, consider opposite the color wheel or neutrals.

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With so many good reasons and showered benefits, acting on the prompting to get your business painted by McKay’s Painting can ensure it is done with maximum efficiency and to a higher standard to promote your business. Call us today to get started!

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