Pros & Cons of Painting Brick in Ojai, CA; Paint Preparation & Protection, Skilled Application, Easy Maintenance & More

There is a major controversy when it comes to painting brick. You will hear many people say never to paint your brick while other people promote the concept. When it comes to painting brick the truth is that there are pros as well as cons. For a homeowner to properly decide if they should paint the brick outside or inside their home, McKay’s Painting would like to share the pros and cons of painting brick and you can weigh out the decision for yourself.

Pros of Painting Interior & Exterior Brick

When painting over brick there are benefits or pros for the project. For those who have painted their brick, this is some of the pros they frequently rave about.
Overall Improvement – Many of those who have painted their brick claim the home looks much better. Not only did the appearance of the home improve, but by painting the brick, it helps the home to look more modern.
Paint Provides Protection – As brick is very porous they are prone to erosion, especially when exposed to constant rain or water. However, even with the pores, brick can last a long time even outside. By painting the brick one can prevent weathering and extend its already long life. For those who may already have an older home with brick and you want to extend the life of the brick even longer, painting the brick will help.
Maintenance Made Easy – Many homeowners love the paint over their brick as it makes maintaining and cleaning the outside much easier. Again, brick is porous and has a rough surface which makes it easy to collect dust, dirt, and for the growth of mold. Every few years the brick will need to be repainted. However, cleaning the surface of the brick is now much easier as the paint makes the removal of dust and the prevention of mold more possible.

Cons of Applying Paint to Fireplace & Other Brick Features

While there are many pros to painting brick, you will also hear the cons. Some homeowners wish they had never painted their brick and there are other aspects they could have done without.
Unpaintable Bricks – One common problem some people run into is trying to paint brick that is actually not paintable. Not all brick can be painted. It is important to know what type of brick you have and if they can be painted.
Paint Prep Work – When it comes to painting brick it requires strict preparation. The brick will need to be thoroughly cleaned, often with the aid of a pressure washer with a proper chemical cleaner. The brick will need time to dry and mortar will require the need to be repaired if needed.
Painting Skills – Painting brick is also not as easy as painting over walls and is not considered a DIY project. If not properly prepped and painted, the paint will bubble and peel off. In many cases, painting brick often requires professional painting services for the long lasting result.

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Once the brick has been painted, there is no going back. If you decide to have the brick painted it is much better to seek professional painting services. Contact McKay’s Painting if you need help painting brick or more.

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