Professional Painter Expectations in Guadalupe, CA; Painting Prep Work Takes Time & More

There are lots of reasons homeowners decide to paint their home. It may be after they have moved in, or they are planning to sell, or they just want a new color. Whether it’s inside or the outside, every homeowner will paint their home. Many homeowners are willing to take on the task and many will choose to hire professionals to do it for them. There are steps you can take that will help them get the best results.

Preparing for Professional Painters

1. Let the painters paint! Painting is a skill and an art. You wouldn’t stand behind Leonardo da Vinci as he painted The Mona Lisa, worrying the whole time, would you? While your bathroom wall won’t be the center of an art exhibit, no matter how skilled your painter is, but back-seat painters are not appreciated. Professional painters will have product knowledge, great prep work along with artistry. Relax, when you hire the right one you can trust them to do the job. Let them do the work and enjoy the results.
2. Prep work takes time. A professional painter will use about 30% of the time to finish the job with prep work. When you get a low bid, you can be sure corners will be cut in prep work. The difference between a hurried job and one done properly is huge; dirty walls result in a splotchy job and misguided splatter can end up on your furniture. Prep work takes time.
3. Ensure your home is ready for paint. There is some prep work you can take care of. Make sure your home is painter-ready to save up to 10% of the cost. Indoors, pick up knick knacks that might get in the way and remove switch plates and outlet covers. Outdoors, you can trim bushes and shrubs back and make sure gutters and down spouts are in good condition. Doing so will speed up painting time because painters’ time is your money.
4. Request painting touch-ups right away. Once painting is complete, do a walk-through and have them take care of any problems before they leave. Professionals actually prefer you do so. They want you to be happy with the results and want you to refer them to others.
5. Compare painting bid specifics. Only hire painters that provide you with detailed bids. Trying to decide between two or three contractors is hard enough, harder if you’re guessing about details. Remember painting is an art and materials are like its medium. You don’t need to pick the painter that uses the cheapest caulk, but you don’t have to pick the one that uses the most expense one either.

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