Primer Paint for Walls Before Painting in Guadalupe, CA to Cover Dark Paint Colors & More

When it comes to most home painting projects, the primer is a frequent topic. It is encouraged for DIY painters to include the primer as industry leaders include in their process. The primer is the first coating of lightly colored paint that goes over the surface and is done before the paint applications. Too many people skip the primer altogether as it is often perceived as a step that is unnecessary and only adds extra cost, time, and work. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like take the opportunity to share how using primer actually has many important advantages, especially for long-lasting home paints.

Primer to Cover Dark Paint

Should you paint over a dark color with a similar shade or a lighter color, you may find that the dark color beneath continues to show through even after multiple layers of the new paint without any primer. Primer is usually white, and with this layer, the dark color is concealed effectively and for proper results, primer is generally required.

Adhesion Promoting Primer

The adhesion is how well the paint sticks to the surface. Depending on what’s being painted, various surfaces have impact on how efficient the pain will cling, dry, and survive throughout the years without peeling. The final paint layers will dry and cure better as well as significantly reduce the likelihood of peeling over time due to the primer that allows paint to adhere more efficiently. Primer is especially beneficial when you are painting surfaces that do not cooperate the average house paint as well. There are quite a few primer options available and that is dictated by what kind of paint you are using.

Primer Improves Paint Durability

Due to its enhanced adhesion properties, primer will help make the paint will last as long as possible. The primer can aid sealing the more vulnerable surfaces and prevent moisture from causing damage beneath the paint, contributing the longer lifespan of the new coat of paint. To assure long-lasting paint for larger interior and exterior painting projects around your home, we suggest that you always plan on using primer first.

Hide Drywall Imperfections with Primer

Primer can also help better hide any features on new walls or ceilings that you may want to obscure. Especially so if you are using light colors to paint, joints, seams, knots in the wood, and natural blemishes among other flaws that might otherwise show through paint alone, can be disguised.

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When in doubt, use primer. There are a few cases where primer may not be necessary. Like we mentioned, primer is ideal for larger projects, in the event you are applying a dark paint to a light surface. When the primer is combined with the paint, which is typically designed for use on more cohesive materials like new drywall, the extra primer can be negated. Call McKay’s Painting to simplify your painting project and let our professionals get it done with smooth, crisp, and perfect coverage, we can ensure your interior or exterior painting project for your home is completed with highest quality.

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