Popular Exterior House Paint Colors in Mission Hills, CA; Painting Outside Light Gray, Dark Blue or Dove White

When it comes to ways that you can keep your home looking its best there are a few things that you can do. One is that you want to have good landscaping that has been taken care of. The other thing is that you want to make sure that your driveway is clean and free from staining. Lastly the house itself should be looking its best and one way to ensure that this happens is to have the home repainted. Your house exterior is up against the elements through the year and over some time the paint on your walls and your trim can start to become dirty. It can also become dull and dingy and in need of a touch up. When you decide that you want to have your home painted it is a good idea to look at the latest and the greatest options that are out there. There are some trends that come and go and others that stay around. You want to make sure you know what looks good and what has been tried and true. The great thing is that more and more people are choosing a new color scheme for their homes. McKay’s Painting outlines what colors are best for your home exterior.

Exterior Gray Paint Colors

When it comes to what colors people are moving away from, muddy brown is out. These brown colors are a timeless option that you can’t go wrong with but it is not the current trend. A more popular option that people are choosing and realizing make a nice and smooth look for their home is gray. You can choose to have any shade of gray from a light cool grey to a dark grey depending on what you like. If you choose grey as your main color of your home and you want to use a dark color, it is best to pair with a light color trim. If you choose a crisp light grey you can go with stark white trim or even a darker option depending on what you want.

Blue Exterior House Paint Colors

You might think that if you don’t live near the shore you can’t possibly paint your home with blue. The great thing is that more and more people are choosing blues to paint the exterior of their home. You can go with a dark deep navy blue to accent your homes trim work. You can also choose a light blue to cover the main part of the house. This is a way to bring out your house and brighten it up and set you apart from your neighbors. Blue is a great option when painting your homes exterior and it is a good idea to talk with your painter about what color would accent your house best.

Best White Exterior Paint; Dove, Oyster, Heron or More

You also may start to see more and more people are choosing to paint their house in shades of white. Using white to paint your interior walls may seem a little scary but it is a great option for your homes exterior. You can choose from a variety of whites from bright white to a muted white. When you choose white it is a great way to make your home feel larger and the other parts of the exterior can stand out such as the garage door, front door and trim.

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