Popular Drywall Textures in Goleta, CA; Knockdown, Santa Fe, Skip Trowel, Rosebud & More

When you are ready to update a room in the house you can start by adding a fresh coat of paint. The great way to ensure you get the outcome you want is to make sure that the walls are prepped in advance. The texture that is on the walls is important to understand to choose the right one for you. The house will usually have the same texture throughout and you want to make sure that it matches. There are options you can choose from to get the look and feel that you want. Be sure to understand the textures and what they look like before you make your final decisions. McKay’s Painting outlines what types of textures you can choose from for your walls.

Orange Peel Texture

The first type of texture that you can choose from is a finish that is called orange peel. The reason that it is called that is because the final product looks similar to the peel of an orange. There are others that might call it splatter or even egg shell. They each have the same look and feel. The great thing is that this is a texture that is great for all kinds of rooms. The drywall is something that is not always completely smooth when finished and if you paint it smooth you can see all the imperfections. The orange peel option is easy to accomplish and will leave a look that hides the issues with the wall that were not able to be corrected. The paint can be added to the texture once it has had time to dry out.

Knockdown Texture

The next option you have is one that is very common in many homes. The texture is added to the wall and then the peaks are taken off. This is where the knockdown comes into the name. This will create raised areas of texture that are then smoothed out on the top. The levels still exist but the areas of texture are usually a little larger. This texture option also has a good chance at hiding all the imperfections. The wall will look better with a fresh coat of paint if you choose to have some texture added to the wall.

Custom Textures

There are other ways to add some texture to a wall using the same compound that you use for other options. You can have a trowel that has some space in the side so that as the compound is spread on the wall and swirls can be created. This will create a more unique look and feel to the space and can seem more customized. You want to make sure that you talk to your painter to determine what type of texture would be best in your home.

Wall Covering

The other options is to have your walls covered so that all or even part of the wall is covered with something like wainscoting. This way you have the finish of the wood or the paneling that can then be painted.

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