Playroom Wall Paint Ideas in Ojai, CA; Chalkboard, Racetrack or Princess Theme, Bright or Pastel Colors & More

For your kids’ playroom, you do not have to sacrifice style. Allowing the toys to be the accessories, many homeowners will keep a playroom basic, either dark or white and little to no accessories. Stimulate the senses with a more playful and fun experience with a playroom for the kids. To make your playroom more unique and have style, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share some ideas today.

Racetrack Boy Playroom Paint Color Ideas

To create a dream room for exclusive boys is a racetrack room as a creative option for parent. Generally, even if it is a phase, boys are partial to fast car. Being the perfect option for your racer, a painted racetrack looping and curving up and down the wall. Allowing your little boys to do laps for hours, an intricate accent wall or make a track which bends around the entire room are a few options.

Girl Princess Playroom Ideas

With a feminine touch, a playroom exclusive for girls. Among little girls, glitter is an all-time favorite. To provide some inspiration for fairy or princess playtime, include it in the paint for your walls can provide some inspiration. Paint your selected color on the walls and while it is wet, gently toss thick, crafting glitter from top to bottom and let dry. You can blow some glitter onto the walls or use a fan for less glitter.

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

You can have quite a few hours of authorized wall scribbles since a wall is often nothing more to a child than a blank canvas with chalk in hand. Without the damage, a chalkboard paint can offer creative opportunities for your little one. Keeping the chalkboard paint, chalkboard paint on an accent wall or add white wainscoting with a chair rail along the lower third of the wall to separate the space. In other colors besides black, keep in mind that the chalkboard is offered in other colors as well. This will give your kids a chance to write, draw and color their own creative masterpieces and the wall and when the fun is over, an eraser will make for quick cleanup in any application.

Bright or Pastel Playroom Paint Colors

Frequently encouraged with bright colors is creativity and imagination. It can make your playroom more exciting, playful and unique, no matter what you implement with the accessories or painting. Children have loved playing under the parachute for a playtime activity, as they hide and play beneath the parachute for decades. This adds color to room without it being overwhelming on the ceiling, paint the parachute. Paint tringles out in red, green, yellow, and blue, or in pastel colors at the center point of the ceiling. With a raised ceiling, this application particularly looks amazing in a square room.

Children’s Murals

Murals can never be wrong, the murals can be gender neutral and the rest of your home beautifully will blend well.

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With quality and efficiency, contact McKay’s Painting today to have our experts paint your playroom. You can have an exciting playroom with the many commodities to make your kids, you and your home run smoother with so many options.

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