Patio Covers & Covered Decks in Westlake Village, CA; Increase Home Value, Extend Living Space, Protection from Sun & More

Patio Covers & Covered Decks in Westlake Village, CA; Increase Home Value, Extend Living Space, Protection from Sun & More

Having a patio cover installed will do wonders for your home but after it’s up, you might find that it isn’t being used as often as you thought it would be. Some of the reasons for this might be because you’re having a colder fall and winter or the patio is still exposed to too much bright sun that will cause the area to heat up. When this happens, you might start to wonder if you should have put it up in the first place. Is it worth the investment if the patio cover won’t be used all year round? McKay’s Painting will go over some of the benefits of having a patio cover.

Reasons to Add a Patio Cover

1. Adds elegance. Homes that are aesthetically appealing are important, especially if you’ll be selling the home at some point. A dull outdoor environment can look elegant by installing the right patio cover. Two options are to blend the patio cover with the material already on the home or offset the cover with different materials for a contrast.
2. Boost comfort. When the hot summer months get here, a patio cover can have the space 10-degrees cooler making everyone more comfortable. This will have you spending more time outside for barbecues and get togethers. You can also add a fan to the cover for down currents to make it feel even cooler.
3. Adds entertainment value. Having a patio cover outside will allow for even more time outdoors. The kids will enjoy spending time out there and you can even add a mounted TV for them to play games if you decide to add a gaming console. You might not see them all summer!
4. Increases home value. As mentioned, a patio cover will add value to your home along with stability. Buyers looking for a home will imagine all the fun that can be done outdoors with the added benefit.
5. Extend living space. Simply adding a roof to your patio immediately adds space to your home. You can even go a step further and fortify and insulate the locations and enjoy it all year. It can be a play area or a workspace. Covered patios start out that way, but the purpose and value can be changed at any time.
6. Relaxing retreat. Maybe the best part of having a patio cover is the chance it affords you to spend more time outdoors. It’s both pleasurable and relaxing and can be great if you live near a wooded area or close to a stream or creek. It can be soothing to sit outside after a long day and listen to the sounds of nature.

Deck & Patio Cover Installation in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks & Agoura Hills California

There are lots of options and styles available and with all the benefits of having a patio cover installed, go for it! You should have it done by professionals to make sure its done the right way and will stand the test of time and weather any storm. McKay’s Painting is fully licensed and insured to provide a professional, fast and a friendly experience from start to finish. We are dedicated to delivering quality service. Call us today for a consultation.

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