Pastel Interior Design Paint Color Scheme for Walls in Living Rooms & More in Channel Islands Beach, CA

There are endless options for your home when it comes to selecting a color scheme. With neutrals in addition to cools and warms, as well as lights and darks, you have many choices. There are quite a few options which can make homeowners feel overwhelmed. It is recommended, according to experts, to choose 3-5 colors for a color scheme. Three colors are ideal, the primary color for the walls, the trim work is the secondary color, and the third color is for the ceiling or accent wall. Working with the neural palette is a lot more comfortable for most people, and incorporating pastels helps offer change without stress. A room can feel smaller and confined with improper use of dark colors and lights seem to be limited to white. Pastels do not have these consequences and are increasing their trend. To elaborate on the power of pastels, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some helpful information.

Pastel Paint Color Stereotypes

As pastels make a comeback, pastels are being used in creative varieties, even in commercial spaces. The unfair stereotype that pastels are only used in little girl bedrooms and dying Easter eggs are cutting out some stunning designs your home could enjoy. In well-balanced and stunning applications, pastels can be so much more as they re-emerge, and they work wonders. The room brightens, the space is calmer and airier, and the splash of color can be done with pastels. With more depth and substance, pastels are far more vibrant and usable than many people think, especially going beyond pink and blue. Using pastels might make men feel a little apprehensive due to the common misconception of its femininity. Pastel gray for example is masculine and sophisticated.

Pastel Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Bedrooms and bathrooms are ideal with pastels as they tend to have a soothing effect on people. By selecting the shade lighter than your original choice, experts say that pastels are spread across the surface and are especially intensified. If the room is smaller, glaze the top with clear to add more depth.

How to Mix Pastel Paint Colors with Neutrals

When you want more color, for those attracted to pale beige and cream colors, pastels are ideal. Used in combination with pale neutrals you are attracted to, pastel colors are stunning. If you want more color, for example, paint the primary color with your favorite pastel color and the trim with a subtle beige or cream, or vice versa if you want to tone down the colors. Do not limit your creativity, especially if you are wanting a more customized and unique style; freely use pastels in any room. These pale colors easily pair with other pastels with a graceful distinction against bold or vivid colors. For those married to neutrals and still want to experiment with more colors, pastels are extremely useful. Pastel colors can be incorporated in any room and into most decors.

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