Painting with Cool Paint Colors in Moorpark, CA; Psychology, Interior Design Palette Tips & More

Painting with Cool Paint Colors in Moorpark, CA; Psychology, Interior Design Palette Tips & More

Painting your home or business is easy; figuring out what color scheme to use is the difficult part. Neutrals, cools, warms, and combinations are all possibilities. When selecting your new color scheme, there is the primary color, trim work and accent color. When narrowing your options consider the interior design, flooring color and accessory colors. Today, McKay’s Painting would like to touch on the fundamentals of painting with the cool colors.

Psychological Effects of Cool Colors

Painting with cool colors; greens, blues, purples and various combinations, which are the colors that are half of the color wheel, are beneficial to the mind and body. Cool colors slow and subdue the breathing, lower blood pressures and body temperatures, relax muscles, and washes and overall relaxing feeling over the body. The cooling effects are strengthened on the physical and mental attributes of the body the stronger cool color is. We have compiled a few tips and suggestions below to assist your cool color painting project.

Cool Interior Design Paint Color Palette

1) To establish a contemporary interior design, cool colors are typically used and often, the room appears too formal. To avoid this outcome, incorporate warm accent colors to highlight the space.
2) Cool colors can make a small room look bigger and just as easily recede the space. With poor cool color schemes, you can unintentionally make a room feel cold and unwelcoming. For rooms that are enveloped with warmth and natural light, use cool colors to monopolize the space.
3) When trying to balance the color palette that is heavily saturated cool colors with a warm color or two and for optimal results, administer the colors opposite the color wheel. For a room shrouded in deep cool purples, brighten it up with warm orange or yellow accents or accessories.
4) Cool colors can generally have the ability to calm and soothe as they remind people of the sky or water.
5) You can create subtle variations with the cool paints as the pigments will reflect differently in the home than they did in the store.
6) With the neutral tones, such as black, gray, and white and other such neutrals, but keep in mind they appear warm or cool depending on the undertones, a cool color scheme works phenomenal with the neutral tones. If your furniture and flooring is warmer tones, harmonize the space is using the cool or neutral/cool colors.
7) For those with a very spirited personality, a dominant cool color scheme may not work well even though you are looking for a home to feel relaxed in. Stick with warm colors as the primary element and use the cool as an accent or trim work with your energetic personality.
8) Depending on the lighting and architectural focal points and such, the above suggestions are merely guidelines and suggestions to get you started on using cool colors to create relaxation and safe environment.

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