Painting Rules in Summerland, CA; Never Use Cheap House Paint, Tools, Equipment & More

Painting Rules in Summerland, CA; Never Use Cheap House Paint, Tools, Equipment & More

For any painting project to be a success there are some rules you will always want to follow and never break. These rules help ensure the project goes smoother and with more professional looking results. For those who have never painted before or never had the result you were hoping for in your last painting project, McKay’s Painting will share these essential rules of painting and why you never want to break them.

Rules of Painting Walls & Ceilings

Rule 1. Never Use Cheap Painting Materials and Tools. A painting project is one of those budget projects where you can refresh a room with a simple new coat of paint. However, you never want to use the cheapest paint or tools for the job. When you use cheap materials, it shows at the end of the project. Some of the previous paint is showing through or the paint job reveals many flaws in your walls. Make sure to use good paint, one with a primer especially if you’re covering over a darker color with a lighter color. Make sure to use a good painting brush for edges and trim work and never underestimate a good roller.
Rule 2. Always Do Painting Prep Work. There is a lot of prep work that gets overlooked, forgotten or intentionally skipped. Make sure to dust and wipe down all of the walls before you paint them. Use masking tape and put it along the edges where you don’t want paint to smear or bleed onto. Lay a painting blanket or plastic sheet to help prevent the paint from dripping onto the floor. Depending on the condition of the wall or surface the prep work needs will vary. Therefore, it is very important to do your prep work. Afterward, you will see how much easier it is to paint with little to no mistakes. Additionally, the project will go faster and smoother when all of the prep work is properly done.
Rule 3. Do the Necessary Amount of Paint Coats. Most painting projects will require at least two coats of paint to fully cover the previous color and fill-in any missed gaps. Never just do one coat and assume you covered the wall completely. Over time, or as the wall dries, you will begin to see some small or even larger places you missed or the under coat will show through. Always do at least two coats. You may even need to do three in the worst case scenarios.
Rule 4. Paint in Good Weather. You never want to paint when it is too hot or during rainy and windy weather. You can paint your home all year long. However the ideal time is either in the spring or fall where the temperatures are warm but not to extreme. Rain and wind also can cause the paint to get dirt stuck in the wet surface or the humidity can cause the paint to remain wet or take longer to dry.

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