Painting Rooms with Ivory Color Paint Over White in Santa Ynez, CA; Interior Design & More

Painting Rooms with Ivory Color Paint Over White in Santa Ynez, CA; Interior Design & More

Quite a few people want to instill elegance in their home, at least for one room, whether it is a formal dining room, receiving room, or even the whole house. Instilling elegance is easily accomplished with the use of ivory color paint. There are quite a few shades of ivory to choose from for your interior walls. With so many painting combinations and interior design paths, ivory paint can really make any room look elegant, and visually striking. With this in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to further expound on the use of ivory paint inside your Southern California home.

White VS Ivory Paint Color

People often associate white with ivory. Dullness, boring, sterile, simple, and other such adjectives come to mind. Being far brighter than ivory, white walls create a glare at midday and making the room feel cold and clinical. Where white can still have its uses, ivory can really be used to magnify elegance. If you want a light, airy wall color, ivory is an optimal alternative as it has a warmer base than pure white. The gorgeous shade of ivory can be a very compelling accent color or used as a backdrop for a bolder accent. Ivory’s versatility allows you to use it to compliment vivid darks to breathtaking bright colors or pastels and everything in between.

What Colors Go with Ivory Paint?

Before committing to a shade of ivory, you have a few things to consider, such as how much natural light envelops the space. For example, rooms that have a tendency to feel chilly are the dark north-facing rooms. For this scenario, a warm shade of ivory with dark tints of yellow is favorable to help to make the space feel cozy. On the other side of the spectrum a bight south-facing room, having the saturation of natural light, can benefit from the balancing of the soft ivory with cooler undertones. Other factors that need to be considered are art, accessories, and furniture of the room. To select the right tone of ivory paint, bring a few swatches and hold them against the various items in the space to see which compliments the best.

Ivory & Bone Interior Design

Below are a few ideas to incorporate your Ivory Paint into an interior design.
Meditation & Relaxing: Implement a vintage color scheme by using the warmer side of the elements in the room. A perfect example is the aged page of an old book, this ivory tone can make a room feel more comforting and relaxing. The greens and blues are common accent colors in meditation spaces as they impact the relaxing feelings and help you connect with nature. The use of wood, soft textiles, and potted plants can complete the look.
Modern Minimalist: Soft ivory with the cooler side of the spectrum is a good place to start and place white furniture with black pillows, light wooden tables, and even a cool gray area rugs can set the tone. When creating the minimalist look, a monochromatic color scheme is common.
Stimulate: With ivory as a base color, strategically place bright and color accent pieces, bright furnishings, and so on. The focal points should be bold and eye-catching, like an area rug, lampshade, throw pillow, or another accent piece.

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