Painting Over Dark Red or Other Color Walls with Light Colored Paint in Santa Barbara, CA

Painting Over Dark Red or Other Color Walls with Light Colored Paint in Santa Barbara, CA

There may have been a time you loved bold colors in your home, or perhaps you picked a color that look better in the store than on your wall. Sometimes it can be difficult to cover certain colors and even change the look of the new color you want to use in your home. Certain colors can’t be easily covered. For example; yellows, dark or bright blues, green colors, most reds and orange colors will bleed through and ruin your attempts to change the color in your home. McKay’s Painting will share how you can cover those bold colors properly and apply new color to your walls.

Using Primer to Paint Over Dark Colors

Dark paint colors often bleed through lighter paint colors and make the wall look streaky and uneven. Even bright colors with lighter colors have the same affect which is why it is never a good idea to simply paint over dark or bright colors. Additionally, when you paint over darker color paint, it changes the new color paint greatly. This is why your very first step, when it comes to repainting your home, is to use a primer first. A primer provides three basic uses.
1. Primer seals and protects drywall from water and other elemental damages.
2. Covers the wall and the original paint color which allows single coat coverage.
3. Primer will also enhance the new paints adhesion to the wall which reduces peeling or chipping.

Adding Tint to Primer to Cover Dark Paint Colors

When attempting to paint over dark colors you may want to consider adding a tint to the primer. Often professionals will use a gray color, or even tint the primer a similar color to the new paint color you have chosen. By tinting the primer it covers the darker color more efficiently. If you’re facing a really dark or bold color such as black, dark blues, brown and reds make sure to apply two coats–one being the primer and the second being a sealer. Before you begin applying the primer make sure to repair the wall by filling in any holes. Scrape off any chipping or loose paint and sand down any rough areas on the wall. Also wipe down the wall to make sure there is no dust or debris on the wall. Clean walls help provide more adhesion for the primer.

Use High Quality Interior Paint

There are many paint manufacturers that make a paint and primer all in one. In many situations these products will cover old paint colors. However those super dark colors don’t always cover completely or they alter the look of the paint color. Additionally, stains on the wall such as marks, crayons or even water stains can creep through over time. In this situation it is still better to prime and seal the wall before you paint. When you need to paint over darker colors or even stains, it is important to choose a high quality paint to ensure proper and clean coverage.

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