Painting or Staining the Front Yard Fence to Enhance Curb Appeal & More in Ventura, CA

Painting or Staining the Front Yard Fence to Enhance Curb Appeal & More in Ventura, CA

In reference to how people perceive your home as they travel passed it on the street, is known as curb appeal. The home’s overall curb appeal can be a lot more dynamic with a front yard fence. There are a few things to consider when the front fence is due for a fresh coat of paint or finish and today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to elaborate somewhat on those considerations.

Yard & Fence Color Combinations

Tying in the fence’s aesthetics with your landscaping is one of the major factors and deciding if the fence should blend or standout with the flowers and vegetation are also important. Whether your home is modern or traditional will also influence your decision and how you expect the overall look of your home to be. Avoid brown, green, and any other color that belongs to the flowers if you really want to make your garden be the primary focus. You can make your home and landscaping seem larger with the use of dark colors, while letting the landscape design be the focus. Where it is not necessarily a bad thing, keep in mind that lighter colors can potentially make the exterior of your home and the yard look smaller.

Wood Fence Paint & Stain Colors

White: You can never go wrong with white, it is a classic and especially fits with a traditional home and style. “The house with a white picket fence” is often the perfect image of a home and when there is existing white trim on the home’s exterior trim work, the white fencing creates a cohesive look. The flowers and plants will look brighter and the colors will dazzle the passersby.
Natural Wood Stain: For those that prefer the simple and natural looks, a stain instead of paint is also an option. Stain comes in a variety of shades, and ranges in so many different colors from clear to dark brown. Staining is optimal for homes that have natural or rustic styles.
Gray: Gray is a safe neutral color that you simply cannot go wrong and getting paired with a everything from an edgy modern style fence to a classic picket fences makes gray especially versatile. Not to mention because there are gray paints or gray stains options, you have a plethora of choices. a stain allows the natural wood grain to show through while offering some color where paint will provide a solid color that does not show off the natural wood.
Blue: Always fun is a blue fence that adds more color to your landscape. Should your home be painted gray, beige, white, pale colors, or other light neutral tones, your home can be visually striking and really standout in a subtle, yet positive way.
Black: Black, not being as intense as some people think, offer neutrality. Black can help modernize your landscaping with more edge that what lighter colors offer. Your plants, trees, and flowers will have the opportunity to stand out as black makes for the perfect backdrop. Both colors and texture are enhanced with a black fence.

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Whether you like these options or prefer one of your own ideas for your Southern California home, McKay’s Painting is ready to paint your fence efficiently and quickly. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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