Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Montecito, CA; Don’t Match Paint Exactly to Curtains & Furniture & More

Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Montecito, CA; Don’t Match Paint Exactly to Curtains & Furniture & More

When you try to tackle a painting project, you will soon find how many different “whites” you have to choose from. Nothing will change a space quite like painting will, but you want to make sure you are doing it right so you don’t find yourself painting surfaces more times than necessary. McKay’s Painting is here to share some mistakes that you will want to avoid. If you follow these tips, you will find that you can completely transform a space with the right painting techniques.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling when Painting a Room

Many people don’t take into account the fifth wall in the room; the ceiling. Painting your ceiling the right color can completely change the way the room looks. When you choose a flat white for the ceiling, there it will likely take on a grey look and that will make the room look closed in. Rather than a flat white, you should try a cream white instead. It will open up the space and be a fantastic addition.

Avoid Matching Curtains, Furniture & Accessories with Paint Colors

While you may think that matching your paint color to one of the shades in the fabric swatch for your favorite chair, this is often too strong. Rather than choosing an exact match, take that color and choose one that has more grey or white added to it for a muted affect.

Find Balance with Beige & Other Neutral Paint Colors

Bold paint colors can bring excitement and drama to your room. Don’t forget to add some neutrals in there though. Accessories are an excellent source of color, but you can use a beautiful neutral in some of the architectural elements in the room so that no one is overwhelmed when they walk into the room.

Room Flow Design; How to Decorate Your House Cohesively

It may sound fun to paint each room dramatically different in your home, but it can be too much. Choose a common theme you would like to incorporate throughout the house to create better flow. This doesn’t necessarily mean to use the exact same paint color throughout the house, but try to have a common theme.

Don’t Forget You Can Change the Paint Color

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure to choose the perfect paint color. Don’t forget that if you aren’t in love with this color, you can always change it down the road. Hardly ever do homeowners stick with one paint color the entire time they own the home. You will find that even when you love the paint color, styles and trends change and you will find yourself painting again down the road.

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